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Weird Memory Allocation Failure


Jun 16, 2006
Peoria, AZ
I used to play this game (Warlords with mod) a long time ago without ANY MAFs or hanging issues. BtS C2C didn't occur either. Now, when I play my Warlords mod, I get them any time I am in a game and try to load a save. That is the ONLY time it happens but it happens almost every time when I get to the modern era. It never moves past the first stage of loading the game (progress bar about 1/5 of the distance). Sometimes it just hangs without giving me an error. I can always load a save after first starting up the game. After that it almost always crashes or hangs if I go back to an earlier save. When it gives the MAF, it also says "Reason: bad allocation." My save games are NOT that big (@800K). When playing my game seems to around 700MB of memory. So... not anywhere close to 2GB. Is this a Windows 10 thing? Any ideas?
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