Weird MP connection experiences


Sep 12, 2005
My brother and I Played a lot of BTS MP using direct IP connection.

IT's gotten a bit stale so we tried COL and have fallen in love with the R&R mod.

So we started playing at his house using direct IP connection with no issues.
Then something happened from comcast and he lost the multiple IP option that he had.
So we tried the LAN connection but it didn't work.
SO we were reduced to going back to BTS since the LAN option worked for that.

So last weekend we played from our own houses and tried direct IP.
I couldn't connect to him when he hosted so I hosted and everything was fine. Strange but we could play so we were happy. Half way through the night we paused for dinner and shut our machines down. When we tried to resume after dinner he couldn't connect when I hosted but now when he hosted I could connect.

I have no idea how that could happen.

I know I don't see many posts about MP games for COL but would love to hear if others do and how they're connecting.

We had lots of issues originally with vanilla IV but once BTS came out 99% of those issues had been resolved so it's particularly frustrating to have these with COL.

Any experiences or advice would be helpful. WE ARE REALLY enjoying R&R and are disappointed when we're stuck playing BTS. (who would have thought that)
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