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What Age Planet?


Looking for the door...
Mar 18, 2002
Behind you
Again, I'm starting a discussion on an option few of us think about unless we're bored. Let's make official our choice of Age. Please select one of the following choices. Keep in mind that if you choose Random here, you must choose Random for the Temperature and the Climate selections, as all three fall under the same Random button.

3 Billion
4 Billion
5 Billion
I vote for 5 Billion years.
Random, as per usual.
Discussion, people. I was hoping to see some viewpoints here.

OTOH, perhaps a pointer to an ancient thread on this topic would be less work.

I had always thought the older the smoother and more oil, but perhaps that is a holdover from previous civ games in my mind.
Nah! I disagree amirsan. 4 Billion years old has way too many mountains (as well as 3 Billion), a 5 Billion year old planet has the most suitable surface for expansion, which of course means more cities. I believe that in this Demogame, the more cities we have, the better off we'll be. Why restrict ourselves in this regard by having too many mountains filling our landscape?
I agree with Cyc. 5 billion for me.
just to add to the noise, 5 billion, why give those keshiks more power than they need :)
I'll have to go with 5 Billion. 3 Billion has far to many mountians and though 4 billion has a "normal" amount I don't really like mountains. You can't build on them, it takes to long to build improvements on them, they don't have that much of terrian bonus. There praticaly useless (of course, always better than tundra/desert). :rolleyes:
This poll is closed. We have chosen a 5 Billion Year old planet.
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