[NFP] What Scenarios would you like to see in Civilization 6?

What Scenarios would you like to see in Civilization 6?

  • Imjin War

  • Conquest of the Promised Land

  • Italian Unification

  • Sioux Wars

  • Battle of the Milvian Bridge

  • Sack of Rome

  • Unification of Hawaii

  • The Great Trek

  • The Hussite Wars

  • Sengoku Jidai

  • Tamerlane's Conquests

  • Franco-Prussian War

  • Battle of the Alamo

  • Three Kingdoms Era

  • The Fourth Crusade

  • Charlemagne's Campaigns

  • War of the Triple Alliance

  • Haitian Revolution

  • Baptism of Poland

  • Unification of Brittany

  • Other Scenarios(Post Below)

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The question is simple; what ideas for scenarios would you like to see in Civ 6?

If you have any other suggestions, post them down below. The scenarios in the poll above were somewhat inspired by my Civilization and Leader ideas.
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Maybe I will write some tomorrow if I am free

Imjin War
Map: East Asia
Goal: defend Joseon cities from Japan
Playable Civs
(Joseon (Seonjo))
Unique Unit: Turtle Ship
(Japan (Go-Yozei or Hideyoshi Toyotomi)
Unique Unit: Samurai
Ming (Wanli)
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The Fourth Crusade...the one that made a detour, sacked Byzantium, and got excommunicated? :p

Also which Three Kingdoms? China or Korea? I'll take for granted you don't mean Georgia or Estonia. :p

At any rate, it will surprise no one that I voted for Hussite Wars, Unification of Brittany, and Three Kingdoms (because either way would be interesting).
China because each two scenarios are based off of 1 pack

Gods and Generals (Imjin War & Conquest of the Promised Land)
Into the Unknown (Italian Reunification & Sioux Wars)
Dawn of Man (Battle of the Milvian Bridge & Sack of Rome)
Legacy Untold (Unification of Hawaii & The Great Trek)
Old Faith (The Hussite Wars & Sengoku Jidai)
Sapere Aude (Tamerlane’s Conquests & Franco-Prussian War)
We the People (Battle of the Alamo & Three Kingdoms Era)
Tales Untold (The Fourth Crusade & Charlemagne’s Campaigns)
Heartbeat of Steel (War of the Triple Alliance & Haitian Revolution)
Tales Untold (Baptism of Poland & Unification of Brittany
China was the likeliest answer (Romance of the Three Kingdoms and all that...), but with Seondeok in the game I figured it was worth asking. :p
Hello! I would love a scenaroi based on the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the descent of the Dark Age upon Europe, with deadly epidemics and apocalyptic natural disasters. As for the non-historical ones, a cyberpunk-style scenario, based on works like The Diamong Age, kind of like a Beyond Earth or Alpha Centauri prequel.
I think the issue with scenarios is that with the way modern civ plays, like there are too many elements to juggle. For example - what do you do about science/technology/civics for a scenario based on what would be basically one normal speed civ turn (if that makes sense). Besides having a game of "who can produce the most units", I don't feel like you can do too much else.

I remember one of my favourite scenarios from civ II, I think it was "La Belle Epoque". Strictly speaking, it refers to the period from 1880 up until WWI. If I were to design it for civ 6, I'd be starting somewhere after Napoleons defeat but before 1830, which is when "the great game" (British-Russian rivalry in central Asia) begins. It would be a very ambitious project to undertake....

For civ V I did have a go at a scenario that would have been 600 - 900 AD with the focus on the Byzantines, Persia, Arabia, China and Tibet. I wanted to put 9 wonders in the game, 8 unlocked by techs and 1 pre-built in a city state at game start. The idea would have been to control 7 wonders to win. But after a bunch of work, I still didn't know what to do about culture and the AI just could not play remotely well.......
I'd love to see:
- American Revolution
- Return of American Civil War (I loved that one in civ 5)
-The Great War
-World War 2
-Something Around The Defense of Viana (We have all the UU and I'd love to have the winged hussars arrive (-; )
1. War of 1812 (Or extensions of Haitian Revolutions which involved the US of A politics, or 'preparations to things to come)C
2. Imjin War (Ability to recruit Southeast Asian and Europeans to join the cause)
3. Mekhong Game of Thrones. (Three playable factions:Siam, Burma, and Vietnam). Long scenario that spans 300-400 years which British and French joined the endgame. The Ultimate goal is either to conquer all other players OR 'becomes EQUAL TO CHINA'. If the game continues into 1900s. Player must also remain active not conquered by Any colonial powers.
All three players have access to War Elephants and so will China.
Players must periodically pay tributes to China as requested.
Two parameters exists. China's attitudes, and Ability to Challenge China.
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