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What type of game setup do you usually do?


Mar 13, 2007
I always use Enormous Continents+Islands maps with 25+ Civs or more. I find small maps with just a few civs to be boring and very easy. More Civs means more geopolitical dynamics and trade. It makes things interesting. But it also means alot longer games. My games usually take weeks at a time even if I put in marathon hours. It makes the game very challenging, because there's always some opponent who is running away with Culture or Science somewhere in a far continent across the map. I like to set up my games with alot of civs and City states, and then I rush my settlers to claim as much land as possible. I find I'm never really done settling, because I'm always exploring new land on the map. Under these conditions, I've found that Diplomatic victory tends to be the victory type that happens the easiest for me because there are so many city states and civs I can be friendly with. There's always a ton of other Civs asking for humanitarian aid from a natural disaster, and that's easy diplomatic victory points. As for game modes, I like the Heroes and Legends, and the corperations. I've tried the barbarian one once, but I didn't like how barb camps become cities. I've also done Secret Societies, but I hated seeing hordes of Cultists and Vampires running around. I like my Civ games to feel somewhat realistic to history, rather than fiction/fantasy-ish.

I just wish I could figure out a way to stop the coast from getting flooded and submerged! I thought I found a setting to make sure it didn't happen, but that setting didn't work. When you play with that many civs, there's always a hand full that burn coal early and often, which causes the sea levels to rise very fast before any one can even get close to building the Coastal Barrier walls.

What size maps and how many civs do you play? How long does your games usually take? What victory types come easiest for your play style?
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Huge maps all the time. I think that's 12 major civs and 18 city-states, but I'll often knock down the number of city states a bit.
The random maps are pretty bad - pole to pole continents, clumped start locations. Inland sea is pretty reliable as far as appearance goes. I'm currently playing a Fractal map and it's not the normal dog's breakfast shape, which is nice. Seven seas is weird though - my last try at that map type looked like a slice of swiss cheese.
I don't play any of the game modes any more, but I've had a look at them. I didn't mind Corporations and Monopolies mode.
I always turn off Religious victory.
I don't tend to use random leader opponents, but I have used the Pool features to have them selected from a list. The pool feature is pretty good IMHO.
Standard Continents and Islands map with 2 of the default 8 civs removed, for more room to peacefully expand,
world age new for more hills and mountains,
sea level low for more landmass,
rainfall wet for more forests and jungles,
Modes: barbarian clans, and monopolies and corporations,
Hammurabi removed from AI leader selection,
The most useless natural wonders removed.
Mostly a standard size map, sometimes large or even small.

I find Fractal map with low sea level my favorite map, continents and islands or tsl earth are fun too.

Half of the time I have no game modes on, other time I have few, favorites being Secret societies, Heroes, Corporations and Shuffle tech.
- Pangea or continents.
- Huge.
- Deity.
- 10-12 players.
- Epic speed (usually).
- Shuffle tech and barb clans, no other modes enabled as they break the game too much.
- Hammurabi and Gaul disabled (I dont want barbarian Men at arms to spawn in the ancient/classical era), as well as Kupe (the only civ whose music I truly hate listening to).
- Gaia Map Script (really fun and relatively varied)
- Huge, 18 players, 24 city states
- Chieftain (cuz I'm too lazy to care about being strategic)
- Normal Speed
- Typically just Monopolies, Apocalypse (maybe), and Barbarian Clans. Though might re-add Secret Societies.
immortal, sometimes deity
always huge map, standard speed, all VC
usually seven seas or small continent if I want a more naval game, or pangae if not
usually use normal 12 civs 18 city states
I use religion expanded mod and set the number of religions to 10 instead of 7 cause that part annoys me
always shuffle trees, almost always secret societies, sometimes heroes or corps, rarely clans, never apocalypse or zombies
will usually take me about a week to finish a game, between 250 and 350 turns depending
I usually decide what kind of game I feel like playing, then choose a civ and leader accordingly
I have won with every leader and civ, and then some from mods.
most of the times I win science, or lately diplo. Once in a while I will go for religion or dom but it’s a chore on huge.
culture is almost impossible to get on huge maps. If I feel like a culture game, I will go standard size map.
Standard speed, world size etc.
Continents or fractal.
King or Emperor
No mods
No modes, although sometimes I do the barb mode

Usually play for a science win, as it is my favorite by far. Normally do no war, or one if I have to. I loathe war, I'm a peaceful builder.

How long does your games take to complete?
Not long, I play fast. A few hours.
here's my usual settings, plus going into additional settings to change turn timer to 320 (backup score victory in case my game takes way too long but i usually win around turn 220-290) and the monopoly resource threshold to 80 (forget which mod does this but its great)
also the anchor mode is sukritact's oceans, another great mod


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Deity, Marathon, Huge, Continents. 10-12 players, 14 CS. My PC tends to run hot late game so I can't really add more than that. Sometimes I play with modes on, sometimes I don't. If I do, it's usually SS or Heroes. Sometimes I use barb clans and monopolies/corporations. I have tried tech shuffle, apocalypse, and dramatic ages, might do it again some day. I have never tried zombies.

I have won every victory type and played every leader, but my HoF got reset when I changed PCs last year. Yup, the same PC who gets the late game lag. I know it's because I love huge maps and lots of civs but I have always played this way. However, these days I always leave Diplo victories turned off and I often turn Religious victories off because I don't really care for them. I have done it though.

Every now and then I use the leader pools and exclude certain civs for one reason or another. However, most of the time I set the AI to be random.

Culture wins on huge maps are possible but it can be a bit difficult. I get them sometimes, but of course on Deity you have to plan from the very start for culture. Most of my wins are science or domination. They can go either way. Usually it's whatever will finish the game sooner. On huge continents, sometimes science wins can be faster than domination.
My typical setup is Chieftain, Epic speed, Continents, various map size based on my mood, no modes, two-ish civs fewer than the map size is built for, and only two or three religions. I used to let the AI be random, but I now select all of my opponents manually. I usually go for a Culture Victory, sometimes Science.
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I dont like to get overwhelmed, keeping my games around 5 hours, chill and not frustrating.
Tiny or Small map size, sometimes Standard. I kept this since my PC couldnt handle more, now it is a choice. Standard speed.
Fractal about half of the games.
King, sometimes Prince.
Various civ/citystate numbers. Used to select science and culture CS out, they break the pacing early. Used to select toxic (P-) leaders out.
Start position Balanced. Always. No biases for anyone.
No mods. Tech and Civic shuffle is a must, often Barb clans or Dramatic ages and since I recently bought NFP, Monopolies, but I found AI sucks at it. Others if I feel like it.

At these settings, culture victory is usually the norm, even if I dont focus on it much.
When I play civ 6 I usually go standard size, continents, standard speed, prince and end up with diplomatic, science or cultural with random civilizations. I Monopolies and corporations, clans and barbarians and dramatic ages are usually on. Everything else is off if I remember correctly particularly when comets hit my cities and took them all away like they do in apocalyptic mode.
I often try to score as high as possible and my highest I think I've done is rank as Catherine The Great (6th place).
I wish there was a way to save leader pool settings (If there is, I'm not aware of it) for each new game, otherwise I'd probably use it more often. When I do exclude civs, it's usually Maori and Babylon. I just started a game and they were both in it. The only thing that would have been the icing on the cake is if Gaul settled right next to me with his 5 starting Gaesatae or Monty and his Eagle Warriors. I restarted that one and I got Kupe again. He is just so annoying with the way he settles his cities willy nilly, usually messing up your settling plan. It's like he exists just for everyone to attack when he's the AI so I'd rather just not have him around at all.. Babylon is a pain because barbs can be annoying enough at the best of times and having him around just makes the barbs even more frustrating. I like randomness so I haven't used the leader pools that often but I might start doing so.
I'm a pretty boring player.

Emperor difficulty. It's the sweet spot between a challenge from the AI, but also being able to be more free to use more strategies instead of being funneled into a Deity meta game. I can win on Deity no problem, but it's more restrictive and less fun, IMO.

Always Standard speed and Standard map.

Pangaea for domination/religious games. Continents or Continents + Islands for scientific and cultural games. Archipelago for naval civs. My games are pretty much 1/3 Religious, 1/3 Cultural, and 1/3 Scientific. I'm pretty even on my victories with those. I used to love domination back in the Vanilla, Rise and Fall days but despise all the changes they did like requiring resources or siege towers not working with cavalry. Diplomatic is no fun and I hate the World Congress.

I don't bother with custom natural wonders but I always pick custom city states that are relevant. If I'm playing religious, I want Yerevan. If Scientific, Scientific city states. Etc.

I'll play with the options to make more tundra for Russia or Canada, or more forests for Vietnam, or deserts for Nubia, etc.

I usually play with Barbarian Clans and Secret Societies. I like Monopolies but I don't like how the AI never builds improvements, so i usually keep it off. Never play with Apocalypse, Dramatic Ages, Shuffle Tree, Heroes+Legends or Zombies. I played those modes once and never again.
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Usually standard everything. I feel bad about customizing the map to fit the civ or WC i'm playing because it kind of feels like cheating. It seems like you should have to just deal with whatever the map throws at you (or reroll, lol). If a plan requires cooking settings to allow it to work, maybe it's not that good of a plan.

I don't usually go for big maps. It seems like it just makes the game longer with no real payoff. Winning is important, yeah, but usually I'm first tying out some strategy or mechanic I've never done before. Typically going on standard is enough proof of concept to let me know whether the thing I'm trying to do is working or not. At that point maybe I'll play the game out maybe not.

I really like Barb clans. Trying to work corporations back in too.
* Seven Seas map, Standard size, Wet rainfall for more forests
* Standard 8 civs, 12 CS (sometimes overstuffed to 9 if I want early war)
* King or Emperor difficulty
* Disasters: 4
* CS removed: Mohenjo-Daro, Hattusa, Vatican City, Mexico City
* Nat Wonders removed: Bermuda Triangle, Fountain of Youth, Paititi, Mt Everest (I don't like the fantasy wonders and Mt. Everest sucks)
* Leaders removed: Lautaro (annoying), Kupe (breaks things, always underperforms), Joao (always underperforms), leaders from my last game (so I get a new experience)
* Tech Shuffle on
* Diplomatic Victory off (it's too easy to accidentally win)

* Cheat Menu (which I hardly use, but it's there for "unfairness")
* a mod which makes fisheries/city parks available without having to micromanage Liang to place them

Occasionally, I'll tweak the map settings if I'm playing a specific leader. For example when the new Rulers of the Sahara update drops, I'll set it up for more desert.
King or Emperor, Large sized Continents/Fractal/Shuffle, no limit on turns, every victory is on except for Time and sometimes Religion is turned off, Tech Shuffle can be fun

Pretty default settings but I go with a lot of game-changing mods as well.
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