Why do my daughter and nephew appear as siblings in the family tree?


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Mar 17, 2007
I've decided it's time to let bygones be bygones with my sibling rivalry with my brother now that I'm doomed, but one thing is bothering me... why are my daughter and nephew right next to each other in the family tree?


Princess Zanbak is my daughter and heir. If I toggle the "-" symbols by myself and Otr or by Armilik and Birich, only the expected child appears, but visually it's a bit concerning at first. Especially since my mother practiced polyamory; I was wondering if I'd misread an event there for a second and Shada's parentage was not what I expected!

I know it's probably this way to save space, but maybe a bug? Either way I'm just happy we've managed to avoid any murders in the family since Pygmalion murdered Dido's husband.

Wish Zanbak luck in the upcoming struggle with the Romans! She'll need it as a 9-year-old inheriting Carthage, with Rome having already conquered Assyria.
Yeah, you can just barely see that it's a different line going to Duke Shada but it doesn't look right.

Would you post the save file to make it easier to fix?
Yes, but I think the expectation would be for Shada's portrait to be way to the right, below and between the portraits of his parents.
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Here's the save file. As it turns out, once they had children later on, the tree looked as I expected (and as Solver described).

The Sacred and Profane DLC is enabled for this save.


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