Workaround for Steam Linux players who want to install their mods locally


Oh well, what the hell.
Apr 16, 2020
I was trying to install a mod I'd made that would make population use more food on my Fedora computer. However, I found that the mods folder in "Home/.local/share/aspyr-media/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods" doesn't work - but there is another way to install mods by cannabalising Workshop mods. Because it needs the Workshop, it only works on Steam, unfortunately.

Here goes:
1) Find an old or unupdated mod; I grabbed a policy mod called Cradle that hadn't been updated since 2017. Use an old mod so it won't be replaced by the mod updating.

2) Subscribe to it and then press share. Remember the long number you see in the URL. I just remember the first 3 or 4, it's enough.

3) Go to the location where Steam Workshop locally stores subscribed mods. It's found in "Home/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/289070". You can get more easily to the folder by finding the 'browse local files' on Steam. Open the folder of the mod you want to replace; the name of the folder is the same as the number in the URL from the share button.

4) Replace all the files in that folder with the mod you want to install. Make sure none of the filenames are capitalised or have two extensions (like ".modinfo.xml"). If the filenames in the mod were capitalised, change their names, then in the .modinfo file decapitalise their names too (I had a very simple mod with only two files to replace. It might be different with more complicated mods that have folders, etc.)

5) Get Civilization VI to open (a real challenge on Linux). Find your mod and enable it. You might want to restart Civilization VI so everything loads cleanly.

6) Play a game with your mod.

Maybe this might help the few players on Linux who couldn't find the way to install their own mods. It would be simpler if Linux users could use ModBuddy to upload them.
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