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WW2 Europe


Aug 1, 2001
What's the general consensus concerning the best european theater ww2 scen out there for multiplayer play? There are billions, and I don't have time to try them out. :crazyeyes
For European only, I'll say ZWK or TSFE.
They have very extensive tech trees, great looking units and each are unique in their own way. Either one is a good choice.
The Struggle for Europe is my favorite.
Third Reich is also a goodie.
I like nearly all ww2 scenarios.
The only one that really doesn't catch my attention is kobi's ZWK, dunno why, it just doesn't.
Althogh it dosn't cover the whole European Theater IMHO is has to be RED FRONT! quite simply the best scenario fot Civ 2 ever.
Its epic, hard, huge, beutiful and brilliant
Mike asked about the best WW2 Europe scenario for MULTIPLAYER game. In my opinion the best is ZWK. It was designed for multiplayer from the beginning and is well balanced.

TSFE has multiplayer version too but it is not yet released. The TSFE PBEM what you can see in this forum was started as playtest game. The idea of it was to get feedback from players to help me design the scenario. Nobody else can play TSFE now because only playtesters have the files. I don't like that anybody plays the original TSFE1 now as TSFE2 is much better and will be released soon.

TSFE and ZWK are very different scenarios. They both have their unique place. Which one is better is mostly matter of individual preference. I advice everyone who likes WW2 scenarios to play both of them.

So, as TSFE2 is not yet released, ZWK is the only good WW2 multiplayer scenario.
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