Mar 1, 2020
Ok, my first topic on the forum... well the thing is quite simply. For some time I wonder how can I make mountain workable. I really hate the idea of tiles which are just "wasting place", especially that it don't seem really convincing (come on, mountains are definitely NOT useless in real world).

So, generally the best would be not only make it in "regular moding" way, but also as editing game files (to make it be like base ingame-feature). I know about the workaround with adding some feature... but strangely enough it not only not working while I try to put lua code for that in game files (like I described my attempts here) but it didn't work. Not only that, but also when I open save game with ingame editor mod turned on and manually added a mountain feature, which was supposed to make the mountain tile workable (and it's yield was enlisted in ingame-editor)... the Yield still was equal to 0! No Yield at all. I also tried to use simply
But it didn't too work (if it would be a way to make THAT method work it would be the best solution I think)
I read something about that <GraphicalOnly> attribute and think that maybe changing it back to false would be part of the solution...

Also I thought about mountain tiles improvements (I know it was discussed and game is rather developed in way to NOT to let it, but I'm telling about changing that in the game itself (by overwriting orginal code maybe?) or finding a workaround) - posible to build only if we have worker which could walk on mountains (but such abbility is alread possible in game). I know it should be a way to do this, as it's quite easy to add improvement on mountain via ingame-editor.
Well Exactly I have certain special improvement in mind... maybe for some kind of dwarf civilization or something like that? Anyway I called it "deep mine" and the way I see this improvement is:
+1 base production Yields
+1 production for every adjecent mountain
some chance (20~30% i think) of spawning random resource from the list (lets say: copper, silver, gold, gems, aluminum, uranium, iron, coal, marble - all would be connected)
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