1. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Economy Part Two

    Hello, friends. Welcome to part two of our Developer Diary covering Millennia’s economy. Rob kicked things off for us the last time, outlining the different types of Goods and Resources, the role of Needs, and how Workers can scale in more advanced economies. This time, we’ll build on that...
  2. jarcast2

    Extraction Outpost for VP 1.1

    Discussion thread.
  3. Nightgoblin

    Suppress large improvement images

    Is there a way to suppress large improvement images? (See pics attached.) Wonders have them blanked in most converted scenarios, so can it be done for regular improvements? Regular TOT or Patch project, doesn't matter.
  4. C

    [C3C] HOT TAKE: Mathematical proof war civs like Monarchy are BETTER than Republic in many circumstances!

    Hello there, long time Civ 3 enjoyer. I've been playing this game since about 2002, and still do at times. I've also known this site for a very long time, but this is my first serious post I've ever made, and it will be a bold one. I'm interested most of all in game balancing, and I've been...
  5. Iconian

    Improvement Flavors?

    Does anyone know how I might go about changing the way that civs and states handle building improvements? For example, to get them to build less forts, more farms, etc?
  6. A

    [GS] Add adjacency bonus to improvement

    Hi! Maybe an easy one but I can't get it to work. I want to add adjacency bonus to the French Chateau based on adjacent resource class (bonus, luxury or strategic) Here's what I did: <Improvement_Adjacencies> <Row ImprovementType="IMPROVEMENT_CHATEAU"...
  7. S

    Custom Leader Ability Applies To ALL Civs

    I made a custom civ and a custom leader for it, and the leader ability spawns a free melee unit every time the player builds a camp or a pasture. It actually worked pretty well, until we found out that this bonus applies to every leader. The ability is not exclusive to my custom leader and I...
  8. J

    Why don't 'City States' build improvements such as a dam, etc..

    Why don't 'City States' build improvements such as a dam on the river, a flood dam?. Is there a way to make them do it, or do it yourself and do it for them? Of course, if they have access to the river or they are on the coast, etc.
  9. Arenn21

    What Civ-unique improvements need a buff?

    For example, the Kurgan is widely accepted as one of the worst unique improvements in the game. How would you buff it?
  10. Sailor Cat

    Watchtower Improvement 2.0

    WATCHTOWER IMPROVEMENT Steam Workshop Introducing the watchtower improvement, which can be built by recon units, such as the scout, to help your civilization better explore and monitor. +2 Sight for occupying unit. +1 Sight for units occupying adjacent Encampments and defensive improvements...
  11. Pelo McSoy

    [TUTORIAL] How to Add an Improvement/Wonder to Sid Meier's Civilization III Conquests v01

    Note: When I first made this tutorial, I didn't have GIMP, so the Buildings.pcx images may look blurry. Normally, the green dividing lines are crisp. /***Step 01 - Setting Up the .biq & Scenario Folder***/ Step 01-01: Make sure you save the .biq (editor file) to the Scenarios Folder, and...
  12. sman1975

    Can You Make Improvements Obsolete? Solved, thanks to Mr. WHoward!

    Hello, I'm working on a mod that adds a lot of content in the early game, including a few new improvements. Unfortunately, in the second half of the game (Industrial Era and later), building many of these improvements don't make sense and harm the immersive qualities of the mod. I mean, who...
  13. Zegangani

    [NFP] Industry/Corporations Mode is comming!

    With the Newest NFP Updates, Firaxis implemented New Tables in the GameplayShema of the game, that aren't yet used (empty). In the latest NFP Mode, the Heroes Mode, they implimented some Hero Mode Tables into the Base Game (without having the Babylon Pack/Exp1 or 2). But another Table was added...
  14. King Phaedron

    Better Effects of Future Science

    +5% to city projects... And then we have the Synthetic Technocracy, +30% to city projects. Why would Anyone in their right mind want additional production for city projects? They complete in 2-4 turns in every city! Why do the devs want me to select production for all of my cities, every...
  15. G

    Is there a way to make an "Improvement" on a district?

    I have a replacement builder unit called slave. I want to have the option of sacrificing them in various districts for immediate bonuses such as gold, science etc. This is for a warhammer Drukhari mod. My current approach is to make an improvement which doesn't actually place anything on the...
  16. L

    Yields and improvements for mountains

    Ok, my first topic on the forum... well the thing is quite simply. For some time I wonder how can I make mountain workable. I really hate the idea of tiles which are just "wasting place", especially that it don't seem really convincing (come on, mountains are definitely NOT useless in real...
  17. S

    Attention: Devs! Comprehensive Recommendations/ Suggested Improvements List for Civ. 6

    There's a lot of things that could be improved upon in Civ 6 to make for better player experience. Most of these suggestions are for increasing player efficiency, saving time, better display/accessibility of information, making the game easier to understand/ more intuitive, and reducing player...
  18. Xandinho

    [GS] My ideas for more districts, buildings, improvements and policy cards

    I've been thinking about ideas to make the game more complete, adding more things to build in the game, just like new districts, buildings and improvements. Also, I thought about new policy cards, that I think that are missing and would be interesting to have in the game. I don't know if some...
  19. A_Wandering_Man

    [BNW] Improvement_ValidTerrains and ResourceMakesValid talking past each other?

    Hi all, Been working on adding a new improvement in one of my new mods (the Gorons from LoZ), and it appears to be working as intended, besides the fact that it's supposed to only be buildable on Hills. It is instead buildable on Hills and non-Hill tiles with the resources it is meant to...
  20. Stew Pid

    How to add building/improvment pcx from one scenario to another?

    I am currently using the latest version of gimp, and stuck on figuring out how to copy one scenario's building large pcx into another large pcx essentially combing the two. I also see I have to change the index ID so two buildings don't share the same directory once merged together. Quite a...
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