1. P

    [GS] Changing a specific map's Map Script -OR- Randomizing resources

    How do I change a custom WorldBuilder map's Map Script? I'm able to finagle it to allow me to change the field, but it won't actually save the setting. Failing that, how can I randomize resources on a map I built in the WorldBuilder? I made a map in the Map Editor named Six Hexes. The concept...
  2. Soupy Delicious

    How can I disable engineering corps?

    And for that matter, how can I tinker with any promotions? It seems to be different to Civ 4, where it's all accessable within an .xml. I want to remove Engineering corps because building roads on peaks although realistic to some degree, takes away from gameplay for me, and doesn't have any...
  3. L

    Yields and improvements for mountains

    Ok, my first topic on the forum... well the thing is quite simply. For some time I wonder how can I make mountain workable. I really hate the idea of tiles which are just "wasting place", especially that it don't seem really convincing (come on, mountains are definitely NOT useless in real...
  4. Hippie_Peace_man

    Why Can I Never Get Incan Starts Like This?

    So many mountains... but I was playing on Songhai WHY!?
  5. Shiroifushicho

    Radiant Mountains And Deers 1.0

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One thing (among many) that annoyed me a lot in Civilization 6 is how mountain chains can be a pain in the a♥♥ for your city developement. I saw someone created a mod called "moutain sucks less" which is really good to start for a fix with...
  6. HungryForFood

    Worker Mountaineering (v 2)

    Worker Mountaineering Requires the Community Patch (steam workshop) When Dynamite is researched, Workers and Settlers, (as well as Pioneers and Colonists), will gain the Mountaineer promotion. They will then be able to cross mountains, and build roads, rails, and cities on them. Requires the...
  7. Rudster169

    Civilization VI Region Naming

    Civilization VI should have a feature allowing the player to name features such as mountain ranges, rivers, deserts, plains, etc. After discovering these features such as rivers and mountain ranges, the player should have access to name it, and after confirming, the name could be permanent. For...
  8. W

    Mountains, mountains, mountains

    I'm playing Civ3 Complete, and 6 or7 out of 10 starting locations over the last three or four weeks are mostly mountains. I've also had continents, even if my starting location is OK, that are least half mountains. I may not see a cow or sheaf of wheat in 10 or 12 starting locations. Needless to...
  9. G

    Mountain Climbing Mod, Failure to Climb & LUA Code - Need Ideas & Help

    So, I've recently posted a small mod that creates a way to exploit and move over mountains in game in a regulated manner. No free-for-all, but only certain unit types can traverse the peaks. Here it is: Mountain Movement & Exploitation Mod. But I need suggestions and new ideas about some...
  10. G

    Proper Mountain Movement & Exploitation Mod 2017-04-08

    This mod enables mountain exploitation by cities (a fairly straightforward change) and movement over mountains, but only for select unit types. Rather than permitting all units to travel over mountains, only the following units types are allowed to traverse the peaks: Civilian Units (Settlers...
  11. G

    Mountains, Districts, Improvements, Wonders, Coasts - Using LUA & XML to Work Around the Limitations

    I remember several postings on here regarding mountain plots in Civ VI and whether it is possible to place districts and improvements on them. There was also (a successfully resolved) discussion about enabling movement on mountain tiles for helicopters, scouts, builders, and settlers, and...
  12. Highs and Lows

    Highs and Lows

    Xalani, Gwyst, Rekeli and Myrz nations represented here.
  13. Snow-capped


    Lots of snow-capped mountains
  14. Tundra Mountains

    Tundra Mountains

    Another early screenshot
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