Zero population city is stuck!


Apr 6, 2006
I am playing this extraordinary MOD with Revolution feature turned OFF, but I keep the Emergency Draft ON. It appears that when someone attacks one of my cities and I barely manage to resist, that is automatic draft feature works till popultaion is ZERO but I manage to defend the city, also when peace and order is restored there is no way to restart city growth, as a ZERO pop city has no workers and so no food.
I ran into this recently myself and wasn't sure if it was a base game bug or LOR bug. I ended up posting in newbie questions because it had been so long since I've played I might as well be one. Suggestions there included making sure I didn't have avoid growth checked in the city screen (was not the case with me). I've had the city reduced to zero climb back many times but this was the first time I've seen it stuck on zero like that. The only way I was able to get past it was to use great people in the city to get production up, which allowed me to finally get a second city. THen I let another civ take my original city and eventually took it back. Growth went back to normal after that. I'm not tech savvy enough to dig into the code on the save game and spot possible bugs. Unfortunately I don't have the save anymore so I can't screen shot it or provide the file for bigger nerds than me to poke at.
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