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  • I have been trying to change my name to: Dawood : for a while now, unfortunatly i never get the right moderater, one told me to come to you do you have the athourity to do so?
    Hi Ainwood,

    Looks like the upload problem wasn't fixed for the Scenario League domain. We still can't upload to the wiki. We've added some comments to the thread under Site Feedback.
    Hello ainwood, how are things in the South Pacific? I bought a copy of Civ5 and am trying to see what all the controversy is about. The game looks good to me and I'm sure the inevitable patches will make it even better.
    Ok then, what is the accepted word on CFC.. since in English, it is the word I used.

    I guess we are American language forum... what is the american accepted word/verb/adverb for someone born with a lower mental capacity than average.
    What exactly is trolling? I've seen a lot of mods close threads for 'trolling' but I never understood what it was.

    I am a registered user of the forums, but I can't use the Reply page correctly with IE7.
    I can reply if I use Opera instead of IE7...
    Btw, even if I use Opera, I can't use the "Multi-quote" feature when I am creating my reply...
    Can you help?
    If you clicked on the icon telling you had a new message (in the top right of the forum) the comment box above this message will not reply to me.. it will simply write on your own wall. You have to click "view conversation" before you will get a box to write on my wall..
    Sorry to bother you Ainwood but would it be possible if you could change my forum name to Chipp Zanuff?
    Sorry again for bothering you over something this trivial.
    Hi Ainwood, just wondering, can i have a url-related picture signature? Or is restricted, until enough posts?
    From: comradealien@hotmail.com
    u konw if theres a Moder World Mod out for bts
    i cant find one all i found its joust a update 4.??? what can i do
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