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  • Yo so apparently I made a typo in the CityIOT thread name ("Ciy" IOT)
    can you correct that? Or who can?
    There is a... thing in USEmpire reguarding the use of chat as "evidence" and the potential danger of using OOC and non-serious post in diplomacy.

    Can you please make a ruling?
    In development thread your asking for a co-op GM.

    I would like to know what kind of role this co-op GM would process

    Basically I am thinking of making a certain application to you...
    yep crap sorry that i haven't been following the thread. arcanum, fated dead, pathfinder, moving out, just been on vacation for a week... I'll check up on the thread tonight and formalize my application. Not that much background though. Hope that's ok..
    Just realised I started the game in the sign up thread.

    Do you think you could use your amazing mod powers to rename the thread to get rid of the Sign up and announcement thread.
    Its in the thread
    "Shame points can be assigned by myself of Throvald for missing orders or breaking the etiquette rules. 5 points is a Warning, 10 points is Exclusion."
    Just checking: is the Shame Points system for XIX is all fine with you with regards to the IOT etiquette rules?
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