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  • WRP is what you're actually trying to reclaim, right?

    Oh, and how do you want to go about doing this? PMs are fine, just tell me what and how you want done.
    I'm really unclear on what you meant by "messed up". I supported you exactly as you had asked.
    We want to buy Cyprus. We will pay you 1 EP every turn for for 30 turns (Until 1955). We want you to give the Island this turn, but we wll start the payment next turn. Are you okay with that? ( We want to invest some money in economy this turn. Our goal is to have an economy of 9. Also we have a lot of money and we can pay you.)
    You could edit it to make it an RP commentary on papal involvement in the war if you want. Or as an RP thing for your invasion against the turks. Just clean the mess up some way and I will do the same with my posts.
    your message on the I&B2 thread is sort of misplaced considering the musings on islam were in the mind of the Cardinal, and thus there is no way the Caliph in context could know...
    Hello remember me? I was the one that caught Hasdrubal Braca and RickFGS were the same person and had his Hasdrubal Braca account deleted. Once a cheater always a cheater.
    Hey Bow...are you all in on the HOF Age of Heroes game or not? Sorry to put you on the spot but I think an answer is in order.
    So should I do 10 turns in a T/C now? What do you think?

    CJ Cyc
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