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Jan 22, 2018 at 10:13 AM
Apr 13, 2010
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At the bar

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Pour Decision Maker, from At the bar

BvBPL was last seen:
Viewing thread Is Star Trek or Babylon 5 more realistic?, Jan 22, 2018 at 10:13 AM
    1. Takhisis
      If you're that sick of being tired you can visit the Ask Takgro! thread (I should add it to my sig but need to make space).
    2. Owen Glyndwr
      Owen Glyndwr
      I approve of your new avatar. I know my opinion is all-important.
    3. BvBPL
      Two of them. Both lops.
    4. Antilogic
      Do you have a pet bunny?
    5. caketastydelish
      Helvetica is mentioned in the SWPL book. SWPL is much more of particular lifestyle than actually being of european decent. My cousin who is an Iranian-American like me, is EXTREMELY white by the standards of the blog. Granted, the vast majority of the people who take up the lifestyle described in SWPL happen to be white, but being white is not really a guarantee that you either are or are not a part of what it's talking about.
    6. caketastydelish
      One time your sig made a reference to how it says on 'stuff white people like' that 'white people love marijuana and insist it's for health purposes' or something like that, and now it says ban Helvetica. I use a Mac myself but the vast majority of the stuff on SWPL don't apply to me. And if it makes you feel any better, I don't really care about font as long as it's legible. :p
    7. caketastydelish
      Why do so many of your posts/threads lately refer to 'stuff white people like'? :p
    8. hobbsyoyo
      I am sorry I posted that rant in your education thread. I had no idea it was red diamond when I did that. I reported myself for it though.
    9. Gucumatz
      You have the greatest avatars man :), you come up with them yourself?
    10. Mouthwash
      I've seen that avvie before. :)
    11. Quackers
      Yes, your avatar. Fantastic.
    12. hobbsyoyo
      Indeed, people take him very seriously sometimes. I love him though
    13. Antilogic
      We'll find out. ;)
    14. Antilogic
      You switched to a bunny!?
    15. Angst
      I really like your latest post in the Minimal-state Jesus thread. You basically break down the arguments of yours, and especially the first point is what I've repeatingly been trying to tell GW; I just haven't succeeded yet. You do a pretty nice job. I hope he gets it this time.
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    At the bar
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    I used to be a socialist, a sort of communist,
    Now I'm a pessimist, and I don't care at all
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