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  • Ah, yes, it used to be on a Dam Dadi Doo video. Most of those I used to post in the music threads have now been taken down, but YT appear to have realised it's a losing battle.

    It brought a smile to my face.
    Oh, you like it? :)

    No problem. It's the only webcomic that's still running that I actively follow (I loved 8 bit theatre but it finished years ago, I also used to follow OOTS but I stopped after the western desert arc due to the long hiatus and super large filler arc afterwards that's /still running/ to my knowledge)
    Thanks for taking my back, that guy was a jerk. You aren't the only one, several other people actually sent my PM's telling me what a condescending prick he is. It's funny how he (and others) deny that they were accusing us of being MRA's/woman haters/etc when they repeatedly explicitly *did* throughout that thread.
    They were all on that YT playlist I sent you last year (or was it 2011?) but copyright trolling has severely crippled it.
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