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  • Remember to get your orders in for Imperial Die; the llamas may make another appearance.
    Given that I am ancient aliens, grey might be good for RP purposes. Otherwise, use whatever suits you most
    In team projects like this, it's pretty much a given. I'm still trying to get MediaFire to work so I'll leave the setup to you. :p
    I have it on good authority that archaeology is a decent career. I'd advise looking into it.

    Also <3
    1. Yup!
    2. Depends on how you want to control it. If you want complete control, then you can just make a single large faction and roleplay the confederation aspect while dealing with the stability issues, or you could have the neighbouring NPC states be part of your confederation, but you'll have little control over them. Entirely up to you!
    3. I was thinking the centre of the eastern continent, above the skinny bit along the river, but haven't decided for sure.
    _7777777777( \__/ )7777777777_
    _7777777777(=' : '=)7777777777_
    No worries! ;) Honestly where I am with the update I'd rather just get it done (because I can today) ; I'll just bank all your income.
    With regards to Iron and Blood, it appears we have competing claims on Chihli. Would you be amenable to replacing Chihli in your claim with Canton (or some other province like Taiwan within the sinic sphere)?
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