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  • Temporaily banned you because I know it has too much words. I can't make anew pic, so I'm dropping out. I know, I won't join next round.
    No, not abandoned.

    I'm just too busy/lazy (delete as applicable) at the moment to update.

    Have no fear though, for one is on the horizon.
    You know, you make my avatar work! Now, instead of seeing the posts you make as mine, I see the posts I make as yours... ;)
    And you're going to switch characters every night, or something?

    Also, you're imitation of me is rather spot-on! :thumbsup:
    Ah! Are you going to be imitating various people throughout the game? Did you choose me by random or something?
    lol, when I saw your post in the NotW, I thought I was going crazy! :lol: I was like, wait, did someone hack my account or something, because I don't remember posting this...
    Was drawing something before I realized that I didn't have a scanner. So expect a poorly shopped image. :)
    Yeah, but it was basically just a brief description of the setup from myself and a couple others saying "Oh cool".
    A friend request from Catharsis? This is the happiest moment of my life!
    Well, you FGers were an untapped resource for NESers.. i've given up on that gig.

    an its CANDY, LOTS and LOTS of CANDY ;)

    (IOT is a NES!)
    1. Why does noone else write on your wall
    2. Why is it uncomfortable to agree with me! :p
    Well you have more than proved over the years you do not need booze to be entertaining! I forget howmany times ive lol'd (then chastised myself for saying "lol") IRL at your posts!
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