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  • Sure. I wasn't really planning on playing the whole game, but if you're missing a player, I'd be happy to step in.
    you wanted a postcard but since I don't have your adress :p The Hoplite has been replaced :ar15:
    yeah I know it's tacky, but that's what you want right? :p
    Um, well, Dommy and NickyJ started a Presidential campaign sometime ago. It just stems on from there I guess.

    Also, taillesskangaru/madviking 2012. Let's give imperialism a chance.
    I'm not sure if you were here when we revised the queue; bestrfcplayer's game is after the current one, then I'm after him. So... I don't know exactly when.
    You're back! :clap:

    Hopefully it's for a good amount of time. Zack Mafia III wouldn't be the same without you.
    Not really, it's just that from what I understand, Snakes and Foxes games usually start sign-ups in the May - summer range.
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