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  • Hey, I was wondering as seeing as I am soon to be a NOTW GM for the 2nd and half time, perhaps I could get an invite to the GM social group? Not sure if anything really goes on in there or not but it would be cool to be a member anyway :)
    BTW are you intrested in IOTs? IOT: Great Journeys is a space based one that might be of interest to you...
    I heard you planning to spread your mafia thing across the net.

    Are you intresting in joining Beyond the Lampshade then, since we are looking for new members and our sandbox needs use. Consider joining to the interest of both our aims of recruitment?
    Could I please be invited to the Mafia GM Club? I know I've only hosted one game, but I do plan to host many more in the future. :)
    Ah. So I should count the kills Catharsis and electric sent in on the final night as after the end of the game, and the people they not-quite-killed survived too?
    Caesar, if you don't remember who the doctor was or why you didn't end the game when it was supposed to end, just say that, so that I can move on to something else.
    Yeah, I knew that already. What confused me was that I didn't know who the doctor was, and I didn't know whether the game ended before or after Catharsis and electric sent in their final kill order.
    I don't need help on who won, I need help on who survived. Could you go look at the last page or so of the game again if you can't remember?
    I require your assistance in the statistics thread. Please help me, Darth Caesar Kenobi, you're my only hope.
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