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  • If you need help and/or motivation to get that Snakes & Foxes game ready for sign-ups by May, I'm willing to co-host it with you and assist you in the setup. I would greatly prefer to play, but it's been almost two years since a Snakes and Foxes game...
    Ah shucks, totally forgot. I can get to it this weekend, sorry it's been a really hectic week... feel free to skip me if you don't wanna wait.
    No, no, don't mind Zack. This avatar's fine (though I do miss the old one a bit too).
    Yeah sorry about that. I needed to buy new toilet paper. (ReInstall photoshop) It will be there in the next 12 hours since I first got 6 hours worth of colleges.
    In some ways I think that worked even better for atmosphere and creepiness than an English version of the clip which I couldn't find. Also I was worried nobody would go and check that out but figure a few more might stumble on it eventually. They really could use an animal mascot though, the eel is such a suitable and alluring creature...
    Nope, it was quite odd initially. Signed in, only Forum Games/NES and SF loaded. Everything else simply didn't exist!
    "A few years back I started designing the setting for a circus-themed Snakes and Foxes game which I'm totally going to host someday... someday..."

    Snakes and Foxes? :clap:
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