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  • In Fire and Blood, can we trade? I need one 1 import. I will pay the 1 IC you need to export it to me.
    Hi CD, just want to say I did read and appreciate your comment in WWW, I did not appreciate what had gone on beforehand. Good to know you weren't just being snarky for the sake of it. Love from the UK. #LiberateWWW
    If you're still interested in doing your university town, now's your chance. If not, no worries. I realize a lot of what you want to do is predicated on as-of-yet poorly defined cultural and religious traditions, but at least we could talk things through.
    If you're interested, I think NK has some urban area data codified, though I'm not sure if it's current.
    Actually. Red cities are trade centers. Green cities would be religious centers. Blue cities would be culture centers. They have nothing to do with city size.

    Parta's 50k. Tarwa's 40k. Nakitsa's 20k. Kurchen's 25k.
    Future reference: not holding extended conversations with you here forward given how often you quit out of them without warning.
    [23:20:34] <+SymphonyD> Anyway, CD.
    [23:21:01] <+SymphonyD> If you want something to do, you can try arbitrating over the reactivation of the UNC and implementing new guidelines...
    [23:21:05] <+SymphonyD> UNSC expansion...?
    [23:21:13] <+SymphonyD> Maybe kicking Russia out of the UNSC, considering.
    [23:21:39] <+SymphonyD> A permanent International Fleet/Army?
    [23:21:53] <+SymphonyD> Trying to set up a follow-on peacekeeping mission in Korea?
    [23:22:13] <+SymphonyD> There are also some other fun incidents here and there that could use your attentions.
    [23:22:22] <+SymphonyD> You can do all kinds of things.
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