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Jul 9, 2020
Dec 13, 2007
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Jul 9, 2020
    1. Nuka-sama
      AHh? What's up?

      And the rebellion move tbh was pretty meh-tastic, though for going to see it in theaters I got a nice Mami art piece for the movie which was pretty cool. What have you been up to?
    2. Nuka-sama
      Qoou man how's it going? Long time no see!
    3. qoou
      To Symph and Nuka and anyone else that leaves me visitor messages between the dates of Nov 8 2013 and Jan 14 2014, I will answer eventually. When I run out of things I should've done last week.

      To Immac: Thank you, no.
    4. Immaculate
    5. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      "I'm convinced if it was actually possible to cash out of this [...] thing, bitcoin would end up completely dominated by eve online spacerich dudes with much longer experience in exploiting chumps for their magical space dollars."

      Where there's a will there's a way~
    6. Symphony D.
    7. Nuka-sama
      I cosplay Madoka, watched the Series, gonna see the movie when it comes to theaters. Whatup
    8. Nuka-sama
      Sign the treaty in A Tale of Comman things pls
    9. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      Update minutes.
    10. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      It seems Dis might return but could do something different than revive SysNES2. He also seems uninterested in divulging the complete files either way. After casting around for ideas, I've decided Transhuman Space would be an interesting basis to build off of and start from (for reasons I could get into in more detail if desired). The problem is this would mean adapting SysNES2's region-based statistics to nation-based statistics (and sort of reconceptualizing improvements slightly). I don't see any real problems with this theoretically, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. I can also go into why I think it's better to start this way, although I'm not entirely wedded to it.
    11. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      So given that TEST has been totally shattered, who do you work for now anyway?
    12. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      Absolutely no commitment to this and purely exploratory: suppose I was to try and acquire the SysNES2 fileset and modify it to fit my own views (principally ship components and certain augmentations and their order in techs) and devise a new setting for it. Would you be interested in serving as co-moderator in the capacity of tech support/updating/future modifications? Again, no promises, and yes, this would probably take us out of playing (except as NPCs!).
    13. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      Contrition to ameliorate damage to the innocent. Yes, I know you might be reading this.
    14. Luckymoose
      We have permission to use Cuban airfields for your bombers.
    15. Circuit
      I'm sorry, but I'm more likely to borrow money than loan it. China and Russian deterrence are very expensive.
    16. Luckymoose
      I lost more than you did. I need it for war!
    17. Jehoshua
      You may wish to sign the Rome economic pact in Capto Iugulum, considering Colombia is the sole remaining player-run nation I am aware of currently, on the invite list which has not signed up. Twould incidentally be of benefit to the Colombian economy and business confidence considering the looming crisis and your nations decision to declare war on Costa Rica.
    18. Luckymoose
      Well, I'm not doing the jet this year, so I don't need that much. I'd like a little bit to build more ships. Rapid militarization. D:
    19. Luckymoose
      Loan me money in CI?
    20. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      Oh, the particulars don't really matter. It's just hilariously stupid is all.
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