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  • Also, sorry for not putting more effort into fleshing out the background. Botwawki has me in a different type of mindset, and my creative juices havent been flowing well recently. Fall semester was exhausting.
    Ill age him up to 28. I didnt think a 2 year age gap would pose much of a problem; its hardly uncommon.

    As for a timeline...

    18 - Graduate in Hong Kong, goes to Cambridge
    21ish - Romance
    21.5 - Graduated Cambridge 1 semester in advance, recalled to Hokoan
    23 - Finished Mandatory Naval Service, Goes into Intelligence
    5 years experience between field work and administrative. I would assume a 2 year field/3 year desk split.
    28 - Now

    So yes, 5 years experience is a VERY rapid promotion and would be unrealistic in any western or major power. However I am assuming that 1) He is an exceptional field operative and a capable logistician from a desk and that 2) being the grandson of the most powerful Admiral in the country speeds things up a bit. Cambridge probably doesnt hurt.
    Have you been keeping up with Adventure Time lately? The eldritch subplot has been leaking through like crazy this new season, and there was just an 8 episode miniseries about Marceline that had almost no elements of the regular show at all. I saw someone describe it as a meditation on change and that's probably the best way to put it.
    I guess I would need a little more context to be able to answer this better. Generally a private social group would be a little more flexible than a public thread, but there would still be limits. Can you give me some examples of what you would like to do?
    Hey CivO, just wanted to let you know A World of Media 3 is up! Basically the same rules as the first one, which saw success compared to the second.

    I realize your going to very busy not too long from now with Uni and everything as I will be busy as well. However you came in on the tail end of the first one so your movies never really got produced; thought I would give you the chance to try and get into this one! Being a producer doesnt take too much time after all.
    god I had to go to a thing like 30 seconds after I said I was on
    Anyway what the hell is wrong with a goddamn candy bar?
    Expected that much. Not only am I unfamiliar with linguistics in general, but I also have not been following your game as closely as I would have liked which means I didnt know any language specifics that might affect me.
    The last few weeks I was absent from the community and due to this, I'm sorry for that. I think it's better to stop because I do not want to disrupt the flow of the game and this choice was taken because of the time I've been having lately devoted to the forum.
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