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  • My purpose was to appeal to the artistic side, you understood it correctly. I will try to have more complex ideas next time :)
    Looking at the province map, rivers are provinces. It'll be a bit of work to fix, but not impossible.
    Will see what I can do with patagonia, but bear in mind that I'm working on my own project primarily.
    it should be easy to change the "river" provinces to be actual river provinces. This is just basic file work, really.
    Sorry if I forgot.

    Lauren tries to get as much information as she can on the Internet (since theoretically she doesn't speak the local language); she'll try to talk as much as she can with her new friends; and later figure out a way to finish the "big" article to NHK World.

    Perhaps she can use her english to get some local information with any office or someone who, for her, appears to be a tourist.
    Orders for Bancroft-Finish up news broadcasts. Take Asian intern to dinner and then bed. Get up in the morning and go back to work. Keep repeating that I guess, this is obviously the major story going on right now. I'm mostly an anchor man behind the desk/interviewing in the studio, and so we'd all be coordinating things like interviews with survivors, people who saw the attack, injured people, families of the deceased, the police department, the governor/mayor.

    Do a bump with the intern, this has been a long day.
    Can I appear at Downtown and RP a speech or will I have to send in my orders "I go to Downtown" and will have to wait until next turn to appear?
    Would you mind if I post in Argentina or something? Because this is stupid and I thought we were past this.
    And how would an operational radio station be explained? I don't think they have any generators. Or am I over thinking this?
    Question about CityIOT: you said there was no city wide power, yes? So then, most people wouldn't have access to radios, would they?
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