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  • Treating IOTchat, a place one may end up feeling id like and say things not serious, is not a good collective for evidence.

    Treat it as such and we will regard this as, to but it bluntly, a sigh of "whut?"
    Next season we are going to need to draw out our the borders between us.

    For now I suggest a non-aggression pact; we will short out the division of land between us via a conference, perhaps located in Los Saveras as a neutral venue for our matters.
    We are willing to sign a nonaggression pact, so long as you understand that any attempt by the Divine Mandate to undermine or subvert the government or traditions of the Cherokee Nation, to force your religion on us, or turn us into a vassal or a theocracy, will be considered a breaking of the pact.
    Any policy to proselytize will focus on a hearing basis rather than a forcing basis.

    We concur to the terms of the N.A.P.
    Hi. You have some great NPCs. There's just one slight issue - you have no governor names. Will you make them yourself or you'd rather let us generate them?
    Hi, Kinich. So, I've seen you've done several NPCs. That's great! Also not very "great", as I am trying to lower the amount of NPCs in-game for a faster update. Which NPCs of the ones you've made do you think can be easily consolidated into one nation, while still keeping their basic ideas?
    A fellow directionalist power... the CCC looks forward to business transaction with your power.
    In general with all resources I'd say that the game mechanics themselves trump roleplay with the exception being culture, where it's more or less 50/50.
    As you can tell I'm trying to remake the AC using friendly AC settings. You can "import" your GURPS char if you want. ^.^ Also I planning on running it on EST time.
    I'm planning to start the AC maybe in Thursday or Friday, what you say, okay to you?
    If you're around, there is talk of doing a Sidekicks mission since some people can't make Monday.
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