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  • Do you approve of the warding/marriage arrangements I sent to you a couple of days ago for Sones CKRP?
    That means that I have lost the war. My entire strategy was based on the fact that I had 1 IP. If I do not do my strategy I am lost. So can you please give us 1 IP this turn? We shall give you 4 in two turns. We need the money now or there will be no Qing Dynasty next turn.
    Cold War 2 IOT:

    Because I do not have a trade route with Inca, can you give me 1 IP with the same terms that i agreed with the Inca?
    I just found out from Sonereal that we can use PC in the RP game of his to create units through world builder. I suggest that you use your PC to create that warrior that you desire for the military.
    Since you apparently have not reached the time/ # of posts needed for PMs I'll interview you on here if you don't mind. Especially considering that I'm publishing it anyway...

    First question: You said earlier that you were forced, under threat of death, to report the false Mayan Embassy Massacre. Would you mind going into more detail?

    Answer with a visitor message on mine, please
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