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  • I do hope things get better. While I am waiting for E350tb to post his comic (Yeah, it's fun flying around New Port City :p). Expect to see a new comic coming up with Ellis delivering three jeeps for my group, as well as him making referances to his stolen car.
    I hope you liked the little lampoon on Essential Beings (It's a lampoon on Stylesrj using "Esential" ;)). It's only ment for the lulz :crazyeye:.
    Right now I am ironing out the script for my next comic which would explain where Faye went while I was getting the cure (acquiring a delrect vehicle), along with making a b-line to my house to get some weapons (and bobbleheads for Rhiza), then encounter Wesker, Richtofen, and Robotnik at the city dump before they head out while a V22 comes in to pick me and my friends up. If you wish, I can have the Composer pop in-between when Wesker and his men leave and before the V22 comes in.
    I've decided not to go with the reset button for DYOS 12. Though I might have to learn to live with the Discontinuity. But keep watch since my next comic would be a canocial one and CivGeneral would found a reason to be happy and enjoy life again and invoke the when he smiles trope to usher a crowning moment of heartwarming!
    Well, I have made a decision to end the link between DYOS 10.5 and DYOS 11 (along with a comic to put a smile on your face and have a WTF moment). Though I am also a major player in DYOS 10.5
    I'm on the verge of giving up with DYOS, I've realized that I am a terrible writer and written myself into a continuity snarl :wallbash:.
    Considering me... I'll likely get eaten multiple times as comic relief, only to somehow come back each time. :lol:

    ...and I'll be abused so much it's almost break the cutie. Except I ask for it. :lol:
    As much as I love being eated by hedgies, I'm afraid shapeshifting into a hot dog and ending my role this early in the story isn't a good idea. :p

    Then again, there is the "I Got Better"..

    "TF! I thought Sonic ate and digested you! How are you al-"

    "I got better." :rotfl:
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