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  • Hello Earthling,

    As the new Mafia Host queue it is my duty to inform you that you may post a sign up thread for Starcraft Mafia if you are still interested.

    I know that you are hosting Simpson mafia at the moment, so I would be happy to delay this game for a little bit (there are about three other mafia games going on at the moment so that would be fine with me.)


    I don't know how much you've read about my upcoming game (A Villain's Paradise), but basically the premise is that I take 40 villains from various sources and make a mafia game out of it.

    I'm planning to include Atto Ngoogol in the player list, so I was wondering if you would mind writing a brief 'background information' for Atto. (Don't worry, I'll reveal the entire list of characters when I open sign-ups, so I'm not giving anything away.)

    EDIT: Oh, and a picture too, if you can. :)
    I thought you were past the pony-loving age. VGCats has had four updates in the past month IIRC. It is an omen!!
    Well it works on two levels, because my hand looked kind of like a hoof due to the blur :goodjob:
    lol, well, I posted a picture of myself in the Member's Photos thread about 2 years ago, where I was eating lunch. The camera caught me just as I was moving my hand down from my face, and since there was no flash, my hand came out really blurry. Some people say I have no right hand, only a nub, others say I was rocking out at the dinner table, but the truth is, I was just having lunch.
    "I didn't say what you're claiming I said, Zack."

    So what do you think "foolishly" means, then?
    It has only just occurred to me to see where your 'join #fiftychat' link actually leads. It really did sound quite out-of-character for you. :lol:
    Well, you were online and I know you are reliable. I'll PM you in a few minutes.
    When would be a good time to start sign ups for Princess Bride, based on the progress of your game?
    Your update index is screwed up, the links for both Evening 3 and Midday 3 send you to Evening 3
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