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Oct 6, 2016
Mar 2, 2007
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Deity, from Mountain View, California

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Oct 6, 2016
    1. Zlatko
    2. EmperorFool
      The only way I know to figure out what the AI is doing is to dig into the code which I haven't done. You may want to try the general modder's forum as there are others who know the AI code pretty well.
    3. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Question: I wish to see a logging of functions called by the AI (to observe its behaviour), but I don't know how to in the debugger or python console? I am trying to spot the exact weakness in the code why some AI behaviours are weird.

      EDIT: For CIV.

      EDIT2 : Unlogged too. Hmmm...
    4. EmperorFool
      Been extremely busy with work and barely get time to play anymore. I'll try to hit up the forum more often. :)
    5. Lemon Merchant
      Lemon Merchant
      Hey sweetie, where have you been? I haven't seen you post in ages.
    6. Daryl95
      Hi. I was having a civilopedia problem like NotSoGood, except it's the opposite. I want to remove pedia entries and only have the concept and new concept issues which I want to rename as IMs and Journal Entries. Plus the ability to rename the civilopedia to something like database would be a plus. I thought it would be interesting because it would make the player want to read about the game by introducing a story, someone who's written down their experience in the world I've created and has seen it all.:)
      I tried deleting from the python but the civilopedia didn't show up at all. Plus I don't use BUG mod. You can click in my sig, Gods of Warfare to get an idea of the mod. Download's messed up though.:blush:
    7. Akbarthegreat
      A bug [in BAT]
    8. NikNaks
    9. NikNaks
      One last try! It really would be a huge help if you could add me to the SourceForge group so I can edit the SVN. :)
    10. NikNaks
      I don't mean to bug you again (see what I did there?), but I'm working on BAT again, and can't upload. As Alerum seems to be MIA, would you be able to add me as a member again here? It should only take a minute or two and it'd be a huge help. My username there is niknaks1993. Thanks!
    11. NikNaks
      Hey EF. Are you still around?
    12. Nitram15
      Hello! My name is Nitram, and I created a forum/site for modders of Civ 4.
      Would you like to register?
      Link: http://civmod.freei.me

      Thank you! :)
    13. IdiotsOpposite
      Ah, yes, of course, time...

      Well, I'd try to help if I could, but my knowledge of Python is about nil. The only thing I'd be good for is the math and stuff... still, if you find a little extra time, I'd be willing to do whatever I can to help. It is a great mod after all.
    14. IdiotsOpposite
      Hello, I wanted to tell you that I love your mod (BUG), but I think the scoreboard area could be better explained in-game...

      Any way that that could happen?
    15. ostar
    16. Sobaka
      Hi EmperorFool, wondering if you had any simple way of merging BAT (which I understand contains Bug and Bull) to Next War. I can only see an old post on the issue from January and a few comments that perhaps the more common mods would be included in later versions. Any assistance is much appreciated.
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