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Farm Boy
Sep 8, 2010
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    1. hobbsyoyo
      Yeah, he didn't even respond. Odd coming from the guy who loves to post, "try posting something constructive" while writing the same spam himself over and over.
    2. hobbsyoyo
      You might have something to say on this...
    3. hobbsyoyo
      It is a great movie.
    4. hobbsyoyo
      Princess bride is on AMC. I saw it and started to think, I know that guy! ;)
    5. hobbsyoyo
      I'm good and hopefully I won't be getting sick again this flu season. Do you think you'll quit smoking for good now that you've made it this long?

      Your son sounds almost ready to put to work pulling up weeds and huntin varmit. ;)
    6. hobbsyoyo
      Hello Farm Boy. How are you and your family doing? How is your son?
    7. hobbsyoyo
      Thanks for the great advice!
    8. hobbsyoyo
      That's good to know. I have to buy a car in the not-distant future.
    9. hobbsyoyo
      Sorry you aren't feeling so good. It's strange how much energy your body burns through just fighting off an infection and nothing else. I hardly moved this week but I lost a couple of pounds...though I wasn't eating much either.

      Did you get a good deal on a car?

      Yeah I laughed when you said you were rained out of the corn fields! Strange weather we've got. I do hope have a decent winter this year instead of the extended fall we got last year. It only snowed once here and it was all gone by afternoon. I like winter.
    10. hobbsyoyo
      Hey Farm Boy, thanks for the concern!

      I'm feeling better today. I tested negative for the flu, but I had every single symptom. I think the 15 minute test was a false negative. I had a fever from Sunday to Thursday morning. I started to feel better, then that night the fever came back and I developed bronchitus.

      I'm on a lot of medications now and I'm beginning to feel better. I think I've turned the corner, but it was a rough week and I missed 5 days of class and work. :(

      Thanks again for the concern. How are you doing?
    11. hobbsyoyo
      It is nbd if you don't get around to looking into it. The debate itself has been pretty fun. I am losing pretty bad I think. But it's hard to tell as so few have posted in the peanut gallery thread. It's also frustrating because those who have posted have been extremely selective in their interpretation of my points - they flat out ignore things I stated that refute their interpretation. Having said that, I think I'm losing, but its hard to tell with so little feedback and I'm afraid the tiny amount of feedback there has been will unfairly tilt the assesment for other posters. There just isn't enough volume for a fair assesment.

      Anywhoo /rant :)
    12. hobbsyoyo
      Eh, I'm a bit dissapointed there haven't been more posts in the peanut gallery considering what a hot topic the idea of a formal debate was. I guess they aren't interested anymore. Hard to tell why though as there is so little feedback.
    13. hobbsyoyo
      Oh hey, your reply to your last message didn't make it to my board so I didn't see it till now. I wasn't ignoring it. Hope it works out for you though this year.

      Anywhoo, you watching the debate tonight?

      Also, what do you think of the formal debate between warpus and I? (assuming you've glanced at it).
    14. Farm Boy
      Farm Boy
      We've been getting some hurricane rain as well, but it's far too late to impact this year's yields. This goes towards hoping the water table replenishes for spring.

      Too early for me to tell you on the crops this year. The guy we hire to combine out fields(we don't own enough acreage to justify a $250,000 combine) is currently working on his own stuff, so we're next up in the list. Preliminary yields in the area are coming in lackluster, but not catastrophically low. Which is pretty lucky this year all told. Keep up the positive thoughts and hope for now!
    15. hobbsyoyo
      Did your crop make it through the droubt ok?

      We've been getting some decent rainfall since the hurricane, wasn't sure if central Illinois was getting it (taking a guess on your location).
    16. hobbsyoyo
      If you can't find a way to put cacti fornication in a post, you aren't trying hard enough!
    17. hobbsyoyo
      I laughed out loud at the fornicate with a cactus part!

      Ok, I'll back off.

      Also, sorry for how aggressive my last message comes off. What I was actually trying to say was that reading your post made me cry, not implying that you were a crybaby. I thought, "No Farm Boy, don't become one of us! You're better than that"
    18. hobbsyoyo
      'I am going to depart from standard Farm Boy procedure and just go with the assertion that everybody that supports these laws is a male donkey.'
      Seriously. :'(
    19. GhostWriter16
      You're implying that Mittens HAS a platform:mischief: Stop fawning over him:p

      Ron Paul could have truly gotten this country out of its mess. Instead, we get two bad choices.

      And although one could say that Ron Paul is an idealogue, his pragmatic side is shown in his willingness to allow the states to implement pragmatic solutions to their problems themselves.

      And beyond that, he was just plain honest. That's rare in politics. Its even rarer than finding an actual conservative.
    20. GhostWriter16

      You are a true independent, aren't you?:p

      I'm ticked for having nobody to really support this year. I'm more or less going for Gary Johnson, although I obviously know he has zero chance, so I'm really rooting for all of the GOP electors who have said they might defect and vote for Ron Paul.
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