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  • Quick questions sure, but proper conversations I prefer through dA notes. My PM space here is virtually nonexistent (on account of it's full of DYOS scripts :p ).
    After reading some of your story I want to propose to you a Divine Intervention AAR with one of us as the divine entity and the other as the mortal playing as Egypt. You up for that?
    Yeah it's getting pretty interesting, and I have a couple of really enthusiastic readers and voters who keep things passionate. I try to keep the voting information really short so it doesn't take a lot of time to decide, if that's why you've refrained from the IAAR's. Although, Citis' is a lot more interactive, and Sanguivorant's is much more out-of-the-box. I feel like a patron of the arts :)
    Hey. I know you don't post much, but I think I remember once you did vote on my America Election thing. The election right now is really close, interesting, and crucial. Your vote would really make a difference! If you're not interested, that's fine.

    Insanely Mad Warmongers and Imperialists have always gotten along, so there's no reason to stop now! A coalition between you, me and the Egyptian Brotherhood just makes sense! Let's do it!
    Hey Grue, whats the name of the 1600 mod that you are using for your Russia story?
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