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  • "Tavern" more laid back than OT used to be. "Chamber" more strict than OT used to be.

    However, Chamber is rarely used and a lot of people act like the Tavern is the Chamber. Mods USUALLY leave you alone in the Tavern though unless you really blatantly flame someone (Minor, "Playful" flaming is said to be allowed but be careful) or something.
    That should be how they distinguish between Chamber and Tavern. Tavern is supposedly more lax. Did you get infractions like that in the tavern?

    PM coming.
    You're back:)

    If you still follow OT, yeah I've probably changed for what you'd consider the worse since we've last talked a year or two ago. My foreign policy has changed pretty dramatically.
    IOT X has no victory conditions. If you don't submit a war plan I add a bit of luck into it, but some sort of basic strategy is good.

    Overall idea: don't go to war if you don't have the time to wage it. :p
    Me or Omega on that last queestion? Omega is pro-gay marriage. I'm not, but am OK (Still a little torn myself) wit Civil Unions that have the same benefits (With the one stipulation that nobody, and this isn't specifically aimed at gays, has the "Right" to adopt a child, it should all be about the child's best interest, and as for whether gay adoption is good for this, my religious views tear me in two directions, on the one hand, I don't like it, on the other hand, if its going to reduce abortions, its the lesser evil.)
    Good to know you've come around on the second!

    So, you'll be joining and voting for Omega, I take it?

    (PS: I know you in particular would have issues with the last candidate, Jehoshua, because he doesn't support as centralized a state as you do.)
    Just to break down the possible candidates that the CCC may end up endorsing:

    CelticEmpire is pretty much the "Me" of the campaign since I am not running:p He's a Paul-like Libertarian, pro-life and generally supportive of states rights, and whatnot. He's a bit more interventionist than Ron Paul though.

    Jehoshua is a Catholic Conservative who is really trying to reach out to the libertarian parts of CFC (Which are much more numerous than social conservatives) through the doctrine of subsidiary, which is essentially the idea that since generally different things work in different places, everything should be done at the lowest possible level.

    Omega124 is more of a straight, Gary Johnson-esque Libertarian who opposes everything to do with social conservatism, but is strongly fiscally conservative.
    Dude its fine. RL, or whatever is going on at 10:30, comes first. Everybody understands that.
    We will see. Ill try and at least get to a safe point for you to drop out by then.
    Its over anyway, and not as many people showed up so we stopped short of anything plto important. How is wednesday for you? Sometime after 8.

    See the thread for stuff too. You need to spend your CP and GP.
    Heroes Mission Tonight. 6:30. Be there if you can, but be sure to check the thread first to buy your equipment and choose what troops you want.
    No idea. But why would you vote for TK? The guy is a liberal. He may be running as an autocrat, but its meaningless since as an American President you CAN'T fulfill those promises.

    I'll find out if he's got a VP. That said, I'm sure we could find a job for you if you joined the Domination Campaign.
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