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    That migration is nothing new. I live in a region of the US where Puerto Rican heritage people are very common. So common that in the past "Puerto Rican" was the generic label for Hispanic people the way "Mexican" is in the Southwest US.
    There is a lot of people of Puerto Rican heritage in the Northeast of the US, and has been for a couple generations now. And it's really the same old story of more opportunity here, plus a community of the people here as a pre built support network.
    Most won't choose independence, as they have too much to lose. But some always will. The plutocrats seem to prefer the status quo. The radicals independence. Congress prefers to do nothing.
    While I quite agree about several EEC/NATO countries deriving profits from arming the rebels in 1990s Yugoslavia (and later lending them reconstruction funds and forcing exchange rates on them), I think that it's hardly an argument with much bearing on whether the UK should leave the EU or not, at least as presented by Edward.
    happy to be here, even if it's not really all that active compared to earlier
    Welcome back for a while. I am still on the site, but pretty much left the den of vipers that is the OT.
    I never left, just abstained from commenting for a while :) Don't have as much time to stay online as I did, but somehow I keep returning here!
    I was finally starting to understand that I didn't understand your posts, and then you stopped posting regularly! Arg. Hope you're well. :)
    Innonimatu, thank you for your posts on the OT Chavez passing thread. You clearly know what you're talking about. To Hell with the haters, to be attacked by the enemy is a good thing, not a bad thing.

    Your posts in the overpopulation thread are top-of-the-line. Thanks for the good read. :)
    I read your post in the immigration thread.
    I think your posts are brilliant, it's really good to read a perspective i've NEVER encountered before. It's a good challenge for the neo-liberals on this board:p
    We went math heavy. Trend started with the advent of massive computing power in the 1990s.

    It's a BIG loss. I have a great paper that uses paper clippings and meeting minutes to discuss why temperance movements became prohibition movements because of sewage improvements, but since its not a math model, i can find a journal to publish it, even though its blatantly obvious to every economist who's read it that I'm right!

    In the articles I have published, I have a simple rule : If I cannot describe my model in english and tell a story, I don't use the model.
    yeah, dude, I wasn't actually being serious in that Marx thread about influence and Soviet Unions and janx, just :):):):):)y. Also thanks for the Portuguese loan infoz :)
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