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  • No upsetting is making someone disgruntled or angry. Setting someone up is like making it really easy for someone to do something or take the fall for something.
    It's was just to easy, you set me up very well.

    But you may dream of winter wonderland but after living in it for 23 years it's no fun.

    Wtf you go to sleep at 10 pm?@!@?
    A girl has never told me she wasn't satisfied! XD

    Yes it is quite late I need to sleep at 7 am.
    It's ing cold! If you have seen one winter, and done all the winter sports the next winter is just more of the same old cold crap! I wish I lived some where where it was nice, and sunny all the time, and didn't get 100 degrees with 80% humidity every summer.
    Nope I am a pale skinned white person from the far north who doesn't go outside ever. :> Well I do in the summer but that photo is from the winter, and I hate the winter so I don't go out except when I have to.
    @.@ What were you expecting! But this is a very common occurrence, people expect great things from me. But I never have lived up! :3
    Hey!!! If you wanr to befriend with everybody there must be "the Oz-Man" and "Shulgi" first in your list. I'm REALLY confused once again!:lol: :confused:
    I just want to be friendly with everyone. Is there something wrong with that? :confused:

    Now, I'm getting confused myself, again. u.u"
    A friend request??!! From famous jarhead_leif???OMG!! What this means? Why me? What friend request means? Why shulgi is not your friend? Or Oz? If I accept your friend request can I get some extra advice in nobles' club?
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