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  • Whaaaaaaat? You didn't bother me at all :lol: it's nice to have messages :D by all means "bother" me all you want :D oh and that reminds me I forgot completely about that mod... I'll see what I can do what I can tommorrow :D
    Hello again! I was just updating my profile page..and I don't know what biography means. Can you explain it? And looks like you have a new profile picture :)
    I had an exhausting day Jary... I'm losing a Nobles' Club game and..and.. I wanna beat Justinian.. REVENGE!!! Umm..sorry.
    Hey!! Seems like you've learned someting and you've asked the mighty Oz-Man to your friend list. And Congratulations!! You have 1200 visits in your profile page:band:
    I'lll see what I can do tommorrow (techically today :p it's 00:44)

    Merry Christmas ummm... Jar. :rudolf:
    Oh cra... :D Crocky has failed yet again :lol: I shall convert to civilizationism asap ^^ <Wonders if Jary can declare war at cautious .... hmm....
    Aww!! I'm extremely confused again :confused: ZXs' and Tachywaxons' messages are confusing me! And jarhead made a confusianism strike to my profile page!!! How to deal with these deity lvl AIs?
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