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  • Lemon does love girls is it not ? (puzzled) .... Anyhow I love girls too so we have something in comon :D
    Don't forget to keep your necrophiliac urges in check.

    Haha, Lemon Merchant is there for a girl again. I know you love girls romantically, Lemon.
    You could beg a mod to change your signature permissions as it is just a smiley and not a huge image.
    You don't have to manually add your signature to every post. Just add it here
    Hey, have you ever realized that there is a little cross following you around ever where? I see it when ever I see your name. Do you know what it's from?
    ..it wasn't a friend request..but more of a defensive pact..:lol:

    ..and what was that??
    Surely You Must Be Joking;)
    Hi there Jarhead ! ^^ What's up ? Im a little wee bit drnk at the moment. I am a forum newbie and seriously is it a firend request or what ? :D I may concur <gimme all Your gems and gold and We might talk! haha :D)
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