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  • My legal initials are actually JJJR but that sucks so I never even tell people I have a middle name.
    There are no girls on internets.

    Seriously, one thing you should know about my mentality; I don't care at all about gender; on internet, it's anonymous all the way. Gender is just a burst of problems and imposed style of life.
    You're kidding me, right Tachy?:lol:
    And pardon me for saying "eyeing", I meant bullying. I don't even know whether if it's the right word.:blush:
    I have learned two things ! ^^ 1. I shall not hit on Lemon merchant ! 2. Jarhead is very ... nice ! ( I will not use the word I've promised not to use) ^^
    Ok, because some don'r get some things right in their mind:

    LemonMerchant is lesbian. He hinted it somewhere.

    Second, I'm not "eyeing anyboooody".

    And that necrophilia (etymology:love of the dead) bad pun is something I overuse for necrothread lovers.
    If you don't know what's necrophilia, no need to search further. That's unnecessary.

    Anyways, how is it going, dude Jarhead?
    Why are You so happy in that picture ? ^^ You seem to be very happy ?! About ??? So much sorrow going on and You are happy !! :D ^^ To be honest I don't give a (something unhealthy) anyways ! ^^ It hink that You are positive :D I know I'm not even comprehesive anyways ....
    Very sorry if You have felt offended at calling You "cool" and "hot" You have my promise not to talk to You like that. Shall we be friends again ? ^^
    Well sorry if I may seem unfriendly at a first (second, third .... fourth glance) :D I do not know why leif added me either :D
    That's right thanks for the add! All you gain the amazing thing of being on ZZZs friends list better be grateful, trollolololololol.
    Sometimes I wonder why Leif added you up on the first place, crocky. You may unfriend me right now if you want to. :p
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