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  • @Ailedhoo

    Thanks for the nice offer, but I'm not really much of a joiner. :)

    I need to get away from OT. Arguing on internets is too fun. :lol:

    I am a member of Beyond the Lampshade. It is a forum of debate, humour and other considerations that make up a community. We are in need of new recruits. Consider, lurk if you must and join us! We welcome debates!
    Thanks for your visitor message, Kaitzilla. You're a great team member. :goodjob: Always keeping people feeling good. Hope we play together again! :)
    Everyone finds the weird glow of unlimited scheming irresistable!

    Trying to forget what my challenge map looks like so I can play it properly hehe. Didn't expect it to be that popular. No one likes a slugfest grind but me apparently. >_>
    Looks like Civ4 S&T people are pretty unoriginal people...nothing new...

    sossos has joined the illustrious Kaku HoF cheater culture. Do we raze it or keep it? :joke:
    Yup yup, want to try something different. :)

    Jeez, SGOTM17 is up already...

    Never enough time.
    I figured that post might get noticed by you. ;)

    I had a family member who was a Shania Twain fanatic beg me to come to her hometown concert and I really wanted to see Canada so I agreed, but then we got there I got very sick, so they went to the concert and I went to McDonalds for some food and there were 100 people there.

    I wasn't sure if the guy cut in front of me since there were so many people so I said "excuse me" and he turned around and started speaking French and I was defeated because I don't know French and couldn't get a question understood.

    So ya, I was exaggerating a little when I said the (Quebec?) Canadian was rude :D
    He probably was in town for the concert too along with everyone else.
    Yes, all french people in Canada are spouting unfriendly discourses. See, myself, I am one of these hoboes and I'm pretty disrespectful.
    Of course, the canadian disrespect towards us, OTOH, is unimportant given 95% north america is english...
    As if one cares, given the english newspapers are constantly spouting venimous content at us as we were the lowest of the lowest.
    Well, it'll be for tomorrow...
    Look at the time! Prolly decent play time for shule C. , but for me it's nigh 1 A.M. Will wake in 5 hours. Ha, can't wait those upcoming 2 weeks. No more choke. No more cloak. NO more yoke.
    Ya, Ron Paul looks very honest compared to the rest. A shame he is retiring. I need to get away from the CFC political forums even though I just found them, it's like heroin to me. Never knew they existed for all these years. >_<

    One more Civ temptation...
    This is basically me on youtube.
    I didn't know about all of that stuff you linked but I knew about Ben Ghazzi and the drone strikes. It does indeed still tick me off. I'm too young to just "Get used to it" so to speak.

    Ron Paul is the most honest member of Congress, and he's voted "No" on practically everything so he has no bad legislation to his name;)
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