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    What Web Browser Do You Use?

    I use chrome because it's just so smooth
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    Are Homosexuals undersiable neighbours?

    I lived next to a gay couple for awhile. Seemed like nice people.
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    Virtual Earth games with real-life simulation

    You could know...go outside.
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    I heard that I can upgrade to Windows 7 without losing my files.

    Went from Vista to 7 and all my stuff is still here.
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    Conservatives, Stand Up

    I consider myself a New Nationalist. I believe that only a strong central government can and must provide for the welfare of the middle and working class. This is why I am a supporter of President .I agree that turning into a socialist nation would be horrible, I can't begin to imagine what it...
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    Best Fast Food

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    GermaNESII: Age of Rebirth

    OOC: Orders have been sent. BTW some feedback on their quality would be greatly appreciated.
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    GermaNESII: Age of Rebirth

    OOC: So how long a time period does each turn cover?
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    GermaNESII: Age of Rebirth

    That's fine with me and thank you.
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    GermaNESII: Age of Rebirth

    Mind if this is my first NES? I've been lurking around this forum for months now and this seems like a good NES to try first. Tribe name: The Zulu Location: Eastern South Africa Leader/player: Shlobosenkosi Zulu/Karzand Followers: 100 Amount of food in storage:? Shlobosenkosi's survival is due...
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    Achtung Gewehr!

    XM8 BABY to bad we canceled it
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    Looks great Rocotech, but one question. Why is the favorite government of the Axis powers communism. Anyway can't wait to try this bad boy out.
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    Chinese Lead Shipment Recalled Becuase It Contained High Levels of Toys

    China knows it won't win an open war with the US so they're poison the next generation. Very sneaky but we now know the truth.
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    Hey Rocotech For 2.5 have you thought about including US Army Rangers. They could serve as the US's British commando unit.
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    SCENARIO: The Vietnam War Deluxe; 1965-1975

    The same thing happened to me. What i did was move the planes to another city/base that solved my problem. BTW i've only seen the effect in planes based in two of the thai air-bases.
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