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  • I honestly don't know how much you guys make, I imagine Congress' salaries are a lot more than yours and so they need a hit first (Ron Paul proposed to lower the House salary to 34,000 a year, do you think they did it? No duh they didn't.)

    I'm certain we need fewer government employees though.

    Who's the lesser evil in your estimation? Because I really don't know at this point.
    Well, I didn't mean pro-Obama, but I thought you were taking him as the lesser evil. To be fair, you did try to convince me that "There were only two choices" sometime within the past year, so you didn't sound like the type that would back a third party due to pure pragmatic purposes.

    I don't know where you work in the government, but I don't think Mitt Romney will touch your job. You might have something to fear from a Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, but I don't think Romney has any real intention of reducing the size of the government. (Sorry, but I support Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, sorry if that would hurt you personally, but either one would be awesome for the economy as a whole:))
    I personally don't support Romney or Obama this year. Even though I like Ron Paul its not that I need a candidate that's that hardcore, but both have, in my opinion, a neoconservative foreign policy and a negative view on civil liberties, and neither one is pro-life, so I really don't care between them. The only substantive difference is economics, and if I could vote, I refuse to vote for having civil liberties flushed down the drain (There are some cases I would vote pro-choice depending on how hardcore they are about it and just how good they are on other issues. Gary Johnson is pro-choice but he's awesome on economics and civil liberties and he's not super hardcore on the pro-choice (He's willing to advocate for repeal of Roe v Wade and let each state pick its own abortion laws, even though he personally suppports choice) but I will never support a President who wants to start wars around the globe and curb civil liberties through wiretapping and the NDAA (Both sides.)
    You pro-Obama now then? (Or at least moreso than Romney?)

    I honestly don't see why the Ryan pick matters, the only place I could see a VP pick mattering much at all is if a Ron Paul or John Mccain somehow became the President (Due to their age.) I know a random assassination could happen but I don't see that as terribly likely.

    I don't actually support Romney, or Obama, this year. So I'm not trying to convince you to vote Romney. I just find the vice president choice to be an odd reason not to.

    As for cutting your pay, what do you do?
    Well, since I don't know what policies the Green Party sports except from those favouring green things, my melon remains unscrambled. :)

    Are they socialists who aim to ban guns? That would scramble the melon alright.
    "Millions was clearly an exaggeration..."

    Are you familiar with our clueless but cocksure friend Mr. Case?
    You really don't come across as terribly mature by including links to other people's presumed goofs in your signature.
    I already know how to edit XML and what not and I'm probably going to make a mod set after Napoleonic times. To be honest, I suck at finding UUs and UBs. I was just wondering if you were working on something.
    I mean are you working on a new civilization. You don't have make this civ but I have been looking for states of the German Confederation
    I don't think Paul actually said that 9/11 was an inside job. I'd take evidence on that one.

    As for OBL, getting him was more symbolic than anything anyways (Note, I did support it, I just didn't think there was a huge PRACTICAL benefits) and I do think we should be more isolationist than we are.
    Paul is principled. That's the #1 thing going for him. Politics are secondary:p (And I agree with him like 90% of the time on those as well.)

    Palin was... quite far up on the social conservative scale, and not the smartest cookie. I don't think she'd be stupid enough to actually attack Russia or anything like that like some people have said though. I don't think a Palin presidency would be any worse than an Obama presidency.
    Are you scared of a Palin Presidency?:p

    I can't stand Romney, too flip-floppy. I'm pulling hard for Ron Paul. What's your opinion of him?
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