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Ziggy Stardust
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  • I knew it was a bad time to return, since I have people already attacking me.
    Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust
    Weeeelllll, you were being a little provocative.
    I never knew that leaving an echo chamber filled with mostly right leaning people is difficult.
    Thank you for ripping apart MS. He's been consistently foisting alternative information upon us for months.
    Yeah well I personally ignore most of OT by now and find something good and worthwhile here and there. That increases average quality of my time spend while decreasing the quantity of my time spend, win-win for me.
    But I wish you all the best, just don't pop your elite-monocle.
    Yeah, I have sent a visitor message to the mod who banned it. Basically, his response boiled down to "what kind of questions do you expect to see". I find it bad such a thread got banned, especially given moderators often stand idly by while the worst flaming is occuring.
    Hi Ziggy!

    Do you still do drugs recreationally? Maybe we should start a 'Ask a recreational drug user' thread!
    Just read this and your thread reply.
    I feel like you just drowned any interesting thing we had to say into a swamp of in principle cozy and nice but in this case disgusting and vile mush of contemplacy.
    I could do some recovery effort of what you just cast into the abyss. But I am sure you will understand the futility such an endeavor exhibits to me now.
    "Now what that this tell us?"

    Exactly what you just said, as opposed of what you're going to say :) That in this instance, you were looking at the ideological picture, me at the practical. That's it. I'm not implying anything about you. I'm not implying narrow-mindedness, but rather that our positions aren't at odds. How about this.

    You're stating a goal to strife for. And I have lots of sympathy for that goal. I'm stating what we've got to overcome to get there.

    Now I'll react to your post :)
    [me: ???] Nah not you :lol:. I used a variant of dumb which trickered - to my own surprise - the autocensor. It was no cuz-word for all my own judgment.

    "your angle seems to be a bit more ideological, mine a bit more practical perhaps"

    I really like that statement. That IMO strikes right into the very heart of the beast.

    Practical... What you, in effect (may you want to or not) defend certainly is very practical. It, after all, is reality.
    And what I propose certainly is very ideological. It, after all, is just an idea.

    Now what that this tell us? I'd say - not one thing more than we already knew (except, perhaps, you want to really say that I am particular idealogical - though than, I'd suggest, a more straight-forward word like narrow-minded would be advisable instead). Yet you felt pressed to emphasize so. Why?

    See... that is why I put those words into your mouth you only cared to spit right away out.

    ''I know representation sucks, but at least we know it"
    btw - I just responded to you in the UKIP threat. And giving the rapid progress of the thread since your last reply and my eagerness to see your next reply, I thought I'd better notify you.
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