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  • For rejoining your NES, I would think that I would prefer to take an NPC and breathe some life into 'em. Do you have any suggestions?

    I'm thinking about the War God of Acrosephale a bit. Can a human become a Pretender?
    Hey, should I take the radio silence from Cronelandia to be a stony admission of their disapproval of Boeuf's proposition for trade/vaguely open borders? That's all I need to know before I send in this turn's orders.
    Why do you not have an avatar nor a signature? (Sorry if I have asked before!)
    So is Mortimer happy with his brief and definitely ready and willing to help the Fleet as requested?
    I must say, you sir are a beutiful poet, and I never even thought of someone doing diplomacy in poem form.
    I'm updating SprylliNES IV (rather late :p): could you possibly briefly explain the plot of your story involving the dragon's head, and tell me where you want that storyline to go please? I'm confused; sorry.
    ImmacuNES is being worked on bit by bit. its just hard to find 1 or 2 hours to work on it- its being done in 20 minute bursts.
    Yeah, fear the Undying Princess of Lerone and her evil giggling demon army! rawr!
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