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Lone Wolf
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  • Not to disturb you but...

    Come and see one and all! Come and see the Evil Buny from Hell!
    Ain't he cute?
    It's a hyena - my favourite animal.

    And it's kinda ironic that you'd think it looks like it's laughing. Considering that it's calls sounds like laughter, it's often been portrayed in popular culture as a hysterical and crazy animal :lol:
    Uh...wow. I read a lot - and I mean a lot, to the detriment of a lot of other things I should be doing, and I'm one of the people who doesn't get tired of things he really likes. So I read a lot of history books on a few subjects and get fairly knowledgeable about them. :dunno:

    Glad somebody thinks that my oneliners are deep though :D
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