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  • Heya Churchill, even if Omega asked me to attack you three, I know he'd try to off me later. So instead of attacking you AND Omega, I'd rather be on the same side when the war starts.

    What'd'ya say?
    Well, I dunno. Lately my NESing activity has kinda been fluctuating a lot. In addition, I'm probably gonna have to start learning to drive soon, which will probably eat up some time. If I can get the map done, I would just need to design the BT rules and I'd be all set. But the style of map I'm using makes making landmasses very time consuming. Still, if I get it done, I'll let you guys know.
    Why do ye Americans get confused by British Flags? You are an American are you not?

    PS: Maybe I should post a confederate flag for an avatar.
    Well, if evolution is true, the odds of it happening on one planet were so low it is nearly impossible to happen twice (I say evolution is impossible, but ATM I'm assuming they are right.) If Creationism is true, humans are indeed special and the only creatures that can have souls. I don't know what the other word-views teach though.
    I will never say anything of the sort of NASA being useless. NASA is important, and research in space and astronomy is very important. However, I do believe humans are the only form of intelligent life that exists (I'm 99.9 to the 99 Millionth power) of this. I am less sure that there aren't bacteria or animal-type life on other planets but still 99.9 Percent sure there aren't.
    1. The One World Government is wrong in so many ways. It is anti Christian, anti-American, and wrong. I support that certain things should be the same for all nations, such as no abortions, freedom, capitalism, exc, but other things do have to differ from county to country.

    As for Iraq, George W. believed they had nukes, and they were ruled by an evil dictator? Worth it? Maybe not. But it was morally right.
    I have joined, and hope that the nations of Britiannia will rule togther in peace over our nations.
    Ah. PMs I think are sufficent for this conference of civlized nations.
    You are aware of the river than runs in the middle of the large English Isle? South of that is England's as well as the two territories above. The rest, Scottish to a last, we consider Ireland's, brothers in fighting, in the past, invaders of all kind. You could speak to England over this issue, but out of the 6 big(not island) provinces that were promised to me, I wish for the western 3. You may take the eastern 3. The islands, all of them, I think can be split west, east as well. Bring this to PM to discuss further. Visitor Messages I've found are very easy to read to the unseeming eyes.
    Now you're being hilarious, seeing as the Irish have claimed northern Scotland. My intention is to press north to Edinburgh and Glasgow and stop there.
    We do seem to have an issue, don't we? Where were you planning to expand after your initial claims?
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