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    Advanced Civ

    First, let me tell you that I'm a brand new user of AdvCiv; just discovered it in November. My main objective in posting is to thank you, this mod has almost made this old game new again to me, in the balance tweaks and AI overhaul. My secondary objective is to let you know that there are still...
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

    OK, sale for $40 at gamestop here. But potentially a far better deal - AMD has just started including codes for it with RX480 gpus sold in the next month +. While I'm not about to buy an AMD card (I like my GTX 1060 very much more, thank you!), this means they are starting to get flipped on...
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

    Searched and could not find anyone discussing (other than people who were saying they would also be looking for one). So might as well create a thread for us latecomers to look -- anyone who comes across a good deal, please share. The best deal I've seen so far is $45 at best Buy (hopefully...
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    Fall patch discussion thread

    No more ridiculous than obsessing preemptively about the arbitrary name given to a game patch.
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    Buy "Civ: Beyond Earth" NOW or WAIT for Expansions / Fixes?

    Wow, s/he asked a perfectly reasonable question, explaining what they was looking for, like/dislike. It was all about the game, no judgement about what other players might want. Exactly what did you see in this post that warranted such a dickish response? Pretty much everyone else is to be...
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    BOTM 80 - Argentina vs Germany, Emperor Level - Starts 15 July

    OK, understood. I haven't been playing Civ4 continuously, took a couple years break from playing at all & now play maybe only a few games a year. So the standard games don't feel "stale" to me as they do to most of the rest of you. I acknowledge that no I'm not the kind of player that GOTMs...
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    BOTM 80 - Argentina vs Germany, Emperor Level - Starts 15 July

    I'm sure many will have fun with this, but not my cup of tea. It seems like there have been many "gimmick" games in last year or two, and my interest in/time for Civ4 infrequently corresponds with a BOTM configuration & level I'd want to play. Hoping next month (Immortal, right?) it will...
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    BOTM 70 Final Spoiler

    Grats, first confirmed victory!
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    News: BOTM 71 (Noble, Atlantis) - Starts 15 October

    Though I was questioning in my first post, I was just sharing my genuine reaction, nothing more. I think you should just go ahead with what you want to do. It's just a game after all, and this kind of variability exists in every civ game (do I SIP, or wander a turn or two?), maybe just never...
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    News: BOTM 71 (Noble, Atlantis) - Starts 15 October

    First, thanks for preparing the game, I can see you put effort into it. I'm sure some will love this "plot twist," but I'm kinda with Folket, the choice you make is almost completely arbitrary (the differences boil down to, gold vs gems & one less ocean tile/all three sea resources coastal, vs...
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    Fallen Enchantress

    I spent a whole lot of time just reading about this game, sounds very promising. But in the course or reading interviews & background about it, I stumbled on the whole Brad Wardell (owner of Stardock) - Alexandra Miseta lawsuit stuff, and what came out in court. Holy crap, what a pig Wardell...
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    News: BOTM 58 Results and Congratulations

    Grats all. Duckweed's game ... holy cow! I did found my 2nd city there (the square you indicate, not Jovan's), and ultimately I considered it my de-facto capital (built Oxford etc there). But it strikes me as a bad move to put initial (true) capital there. That's not a good site without AH...
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    BOTM 58 First Spoiler

    Agreed. I actually did mention them in my post, in the context that one of the reasons I was content to take Metal Casting with the oracle is that it gave me early access to building triremes, which was a godsend after losing numerous fishing boats and galleys.
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    BOTM 58 Final Spoiler

    Thanks for the reply Jastrow, food for thought. But maybe one reason you didn't need the production bonus from space elevator was because you didn't need to crank out military units instead of spaceship parts some of the time :) Seriously, I couldn't even afford to start the Apollo program...
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    News: BOTM 59 -- Starts October 15

    I believe you're overthinking. It's probably as simple as at less tone of the civs starting on another landmass (meaning you need water transport). If what you said was true, you'd actually not just need cities ... you wouldn't be able to win a total kill until paratroopers :)
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