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  • but that would endanger Constaninople would it not?

    ...although Turkey could have plenty of space for a Council army training camp... ;)
    I am officially evaluating the Council to Greece. If you wish to repent and be seen as of courage then you would support our efforts; we can move the Council out of danger and we can... ensure that the Council is in harmony.
    We are going to need to co-operate in the military campaign. So young and yet the UN is already against our attempts to do their mission; of restoring peace to Vietnam. Japan threatens this peace with its burning aggression.

    If we secure Vietnam under the protection of the Council of Hanoi then we can ensure justice reigns in Vietnam.

    We will need to discus this privately.
    How can you claim the Greek peoples of the Platonic Republic not Greek? We are not the creation of a figure who does the same old...

    O never mind! The fact is that Thessaloniki is a agreement and you calling yourself Roman not helped your operates in calling yourself Greek! Rome is in Italy, with the Italians! Eastern Rome was a carcass decaying! If you not willing to have Rome back in return for giving Greek lands to the Greeks (as oppose to the pretend Greeks who call themselves Roman) then clearly you are leaded by... a problem.
    We said we were going to and you said you would not; then somehow the orders must have been mixed up.

    Anyway: you are not true Greek in the eyes of Platonic Republic.

    OOC: O dear... what am I getting into? a setting of a "possible" future of our timeline...

    Anyway I though you had ceased all communications with the Platonic Republic, no?

    Anyway: we should communicate in private message or somewhere that a third party try to derail it.

    We hope for reinstalled relations though, although we will be wanting Thessaloniki back; it belongs to the Greeks.
    Well... I guess it is from a popcorn eating point (as be many IOT "arguments") but from a game perspective I fear I may be part of a issue in action, for the OOC argument occurring should have been delt with a more "please keep to IC" response or even say "ok Texans. You have your point. Now excuse us well we do the peace enforcement in Vietnam..." but instead I reacted and par took in a mud fight, that without mercy took the UN social group too.

    My arrogance is a weakness.
    For you being one of many to suffer from the mass OOC argument that now derails the threat, at the expense of fun.
    I apologise for the... derailment in IOTXIV and hope for the situation to improve.
    No thank you: we Platonics are keen to remain the caste based Platonic republic as we are. We will however welcome you into MECTU for the purpose as a regional trade body. That way we can advance both our economies.
    When it comes to a conference we will be doing it in PMs (which I will later post with your permission in the thread for official news story) or in the open by the UN thing? Keep in mind the former allows little interference from outsiders to the Conference.
    You start with 320 this turn, but next turn it'll be a bit lower depending on what you invest in this one. :p
    Not really. Buy whatever you want - units, education, healthcare, infrastructure, influence in other countries, etc.
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