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  • I like math, but I've never been challenged in it. I passed the Algebra I EOC without taking a minute of Algebra in my life. But my school won't let me take Geometry during free period. :mad:
    Ooh, thanks so much for linking to that site, I'll sign up for one of it's online classes now! :high5:
    OMG, THANK YOU FOR CLEANING UP TODAY. I was in Spanish, and just as I sat down, the bell ran.

    You are amazing. Much thanks.
    I don't, I just have a good memory...:p

    civ 6 will involve over 10000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    same here, with the massive influx of new users, they should make CFC able to handle more people...

    Also, I just realized that the previous record happened to be when civ IV came out...:mischief:
    MN, the record for number of users on CFC was over DOUBLED today!!! I suspect some of your lurker friends have come on...:mischief:
    Origionally posted by MathNerd: Your sig, username, and location amuse me greatly. :goodjob:

    Thank you! Unfortunately, I just learned today that spoilers in the signature are not permitted. I have to change it. :( (That is actually the reason I saw this message; sorry for the delayed reply)

    I guess us math geeks :)p) are taking over the world, starting with these forums! :mwaha:

    EDIT: I thought I was responding to a PM, where is this?

    EDIT2: I mean this, not where to respond to PM's.
    Wasn't ignoring you last night, rather was taking a shower, then went to sleep.

    Sorry. :(
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