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  • Alright, I saw that you left before you could either see or comment on my 2nd idea, so here it is, "Technomancy" Level 1 would provide the ability to interface, communicate, and control machines, however i have to be able to touch them. Level 2 would allow me to take machines, take them apart rebuild them to do my bidding.

    Im assuming that once i would get telekinesis i could do the same thing but from a distance using telekinesis as well.

    Of course you have to approve these.

    also, is there any reason to give my character "Anti-Feats" does it give me anything else or is it just there for characterization.
    Just a warning: I will be possibly leaving the Crucible. I may change my mind so hence why I have not made the official commitment yet but I will soon. I am sorry.
    Uh, L? I'm not sure about you, but it seems a little odd that my Revenue apparently hasn't changed since last turn. :p Also the Nation Spreadsheet has missed off 1 of my policies and 1 of my ministers, although they show up in the 'Details' section. Given both our internet situations, I expect it will take a while to get an answer to this, so until then I'll be working with a vaguely-remembered figure of 1341 instead.
    EDIT: There appears to be an Ottoman Artillery Unit in Syria as well, which I'm not sure the workings of, so thought I'd report. :p
    EDIT2: Sorry if this is becoming a pain, but appears all the units I sent to Cyrenacia ended up in Tripolitania (not a problem really) whilst all the units I sent to Tripolitania ended up not moving at all (much more of a problem). As before, I'm going to start setting out my orders assuming this will be fixed. Hopefully this is the last edit I'll make. :p
    What is the planned deadline for the order lock?

    As for the lack of activity; I have relatives this weekend. I will be especilly busy today. I may though this evening or Monday (unless the deadline is tonight UK time, then this evening hopefully) get at least some orders in.
    In your IOT, how amphibious assaults work? (Sorry if it is already in the orders, but I did not see it).
    I have done the unit names and some detailing on the UU. I will just need to organise my ministers. I will get them done this afternoon.
    Quick question: If someone is "away", like if they are leading an army or are living in a City-State, can they still have Cabinet Positions?
    hey I was wondering how exactly do the unit ratios work?

    I am assuming right now that I can have (because of Constitutional monarchies 4/2/2) 4 tier 1 units, 2 tier 2 units, and 2 commanders, but how would I increase the unit limit, or am I required to have 4 teir 1s 2 teir 2s and 2 commanders before I can get more troops. I would really like a more in-depth explanation.


    Oh and number of players in a faction only matters in that more players means more armies which means more flexibility in where your forces can be at any given time. We all start out with the same number of units to divide among commanders (20).
    Anything in the pacific would also require a large investment of transport units to be effective, which we cannot afford in addition to any transports needed for an invasion of europe from Southern England. Should you stick around I will see to it that you have at least 1 or 2, but no guarantees.

    I may also point out that armies can only move 4 provinces per turn. Staying in Hawaii may allow you to threaten all of eastern asia, however australia would allow you to easily swing to India if the Internationale decides to attack there (likely because mech and red are friends and neither responded to my offer of alliance, meaning we have to consider they are allied against us).

    In any case Hawaii isn't a terrible position so do as you wish. I wouldnt mind if you stayed on the side of UD though. The more the merrier.
    Although my position as leader of the UD in Sone's IOT is in question now, with the current array of armies in the world I would suggest you move your army to SE asia (such as Australia). It is a far better forward position than Hawaii.
    Hey I just wanted to express my hope that Nuke is okay and everything with the car accident. I hope it wasn't anything too bad. Can you let us know when you find out if he was hurt or not? We can't do anything about him and we obviously only know each other over the internet...but I would appreciate knowing he is fine.
    On sea chains: is the current Azores order be fit for transportation of forces to the Azores?
    So sea zones count as regular provinces? Example: Would an air strip in Antilles allow planes in Columbia.
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